Monday, June 10, 2013

Stamped elements

Good Monday!
During the weekend there has been a really interesting topic up for discussion over at the forum at Two Peas. It has been about getting the effect and style that Glitter Girl has without spending a fortune on elements and premade bits and pieces. The discussion has collected a wonderful list of tips and suggestions and the topic is really dear to me since I like to have lots to choose from but my budget is kind of pushing my money in the direction of paper instead of printed paper embellishments. When I get my hands on a pack like those bits from Amy Tangerine it is a special & rare occasion. But just like alot of other scrappers I like the look with lots of things going on. So, what to do? I loved all the suggestions that came up in the thread and I got alot of inspiration from that and I started thinking of the things I had and the things I wanted to have and suddenly I realized that this is the perfect opportunity to use some of all my wonderful stamps which I sadly seldom use (mainly due to pure old laziness).

I went through my stash of stamps and looked for the ones I thought looked fairly current and that could be used as elements for embellishment and/or layering. I also looked for those that could be colored. I took out my stamping paper that I use when I stamp and color for card making and I stamped with my Staz On, it is the ink pad I think works best for clear stamps. Then I stamped like a mad woman and after a couple of packed pages I sat down in front of You Tube and watched haul and process videos the whole evening while fuzzy cutting out all the elements I had stamped. This is the pile I had on my desk when it was time for bed and I feel so inspired about all this! I will color these darlings with my ProMarkers when I'm about to use them and I hope it will be a nice addition to my stash of elements.  

I hope you'll have a nice Monday! Hugs!


  1. this is such a cute and clever idea!

  2. oh this is so awesome!! i love all the handmade embellies! stamping on my layouts is my fave!!

  3. Can't wait to see what they look like with color! I'm allergic to stamping, but this I could do. Catherine at MR :)

  4. Such a beautiful pile of creativity waiting to happen!

  5. I love making embellishments, looks like you have a great start :)

  6. Those are fabulous!
    I need to read that thread!
    I saw the post, but didn't realize there were so many good tips inside :)

  7. This totally rocks! Brilliant. I wish someone would host a swap of just these. I generally try to never stamp just one of anything...if I'm going to the trouble of stamping one, might as well do 6 or 8 and save them for next time, but I've never done it en masse. I'm going to try this. :)