Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn Friday

Happy Friday! How are you doing? I've missed you! Work has been super busy this week and I've had no time for blogging! Occasionally I do secretary work at meetings and this week I did that on Wednesday and then I worked with transcribing my notes yesterday. When I was done I felt
This layout has been waiting for you for a week and finally I have the time show it to you! A couple of weeks ago I went out with my camera to capture the lovely colors of autumn/fall and I got lovely scenery. My coworkers thought that this photo was the best and asked if they could publish it on the information screen in the Municipality Office lobby. So now all people coming here (it's a lot) sees my photo! I'm actually quite proud :)
On this layout I journaled about what I just told you and I used my home made patterned paper with cameras and decorated with embroidery floss, washi tape and paper leave.
Yesterday I took half an hour of my "wellness time" and went on yet another of those photography walks and I went down to the docks to watch the bridge buildibg project. It was not a very nice day for either walking nor photographing; cold, grey and gloomy. My photos were grey and kind of boring. I played along with a couple of filters and the day became even more gloomy :) But I thought it was worth saving anyway.
I hope you'll all have a nice weekend. I'm alone at home with the kids from now until Sunday evening so I'm saving tricks up my sleeve to keep them happy and busy. Take care!
// Åsa


  1. Such a pretty layout! I love how you used the twine!

  2. Really pretty layout, love the use of the black with the reds and yellows! Great picture from your walk, looking forward to seeing it scrapbooked!

  3. Love how the twine trails across your page! Beautiful layout!

  4. I love the loopy twine on your page! And well done for having your photo where lots of people can see it, it's a gorgeous picture! x

  5. Wow, your layout is awesome! Love the colors, design and the twine w/leaves!!
    Gorgeous photo!
    Good luck keeping the kids busy... if only right? lol