Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cleaned hubby's studio...

Good morning! Today I'm at home scrapbooking! Hubby is at home too, but no kids. This is our way to stay sane, we treat ourselves to a couple of days off now and then and do our hobbies. This time hubby has a new computer game to explore and I have so many crafty ideas there will be no problem finding things to spend time on.

I started off lightly with some "window shopping" at A Cherry on Top. I'm not sure yet if I'll press the buy-button or not on that huge order I've put together; the shipping cost is still kind of awful and when ordering from the States the package is more likely to get stuck in customs and those fees are horrendous! But then at the same time its 20% off on their already very low prices and they pretty much have everything there is to wish for. I need to think on it some more...

Then I decided to make some embellishments to put in my box of bits and pieces. I stamped on cork as a warming up exercise...

...and then I went on to embossing! 

We have a room in the basement which is like a tiny workshop. The previous owner of the house used it for different kinds of "manly projects" like wood crafts, electric work, repairing household machines and such. To us it is our studio for messy crafts, mainly it is my hubby who uses the room for his air brush painting and for when he uses paints and varnishes that smell alot. I'm seldom there at all to be honest. But - it is where I keep my heat gun!

So I took my stuff and went to the workshop!

I'm not very skilled with embossing since I don't do it very often (perhaps because the heat tool is in the basement... I don't know), but this time I didn't care for neat, I did it for the difference in texture that embossing gives. This time I stamped on vellum and embossed with gold, black and white. And oh, how I love the effect of that!

While I were at it I also covered some very old chipboard alphas with some embossing powder in hope of using them in my scrapbooking. At least they look more fun than before :)


The whole time when I was embossing I felt super embarrassed because I made such a huge mess on hubby's work space and I got glitter from the gold embossing powder all over the place and you know how hard it is to get rid of glitter! So when I was done I hurried to get the vaccum cleaner and I cleaned the whole place before he even had the chance to see it. I hope I got it all so the glitter won't come back to haunt me later ;)

Now I'm going to finish the four different layouts that I've started the last week and then I hope to start a new project!

Have fun! 


  1. Very nice Åsa. I must do that too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. so cool that you make your own embellishments luvin the gold!