Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back at work

Oh, I didn't mean to startle you :)  I'm back at work after four weeks of summer vacation and I have missed blogging so much! During my weeks off I've worked alot on my scrapbooking - but mostly the photographing part. I wish I had had time for alot of actual scrapbooking but I will take a week off during the fall for just that and I'm already looking forward to that!
Today I'm sharing three layouts that I've already shared on the Facebook group NicoleJones911 but they do need to be here as well!
First is my wonderful son and the story of when he managed to steal his dad's milkshake. I love the colors on this one!
This is my first try with Gelatos. I didn't like them here but Irit Landgraf said they work best on gesso and I was much more pleased with them in that way. I braided my lovely daughter's hair in front of the TV one evening and needed to save the photo for the future. I thought these bright colors fitted her and the theme.
Here is a double page from a very cold morning on the beach in April. We hugged to stay warm long enough to have coffee and cinnamon buns in the sand! 
I have layouts and videos to come, I just need to sort out which I haven't already posted and which I have not posted but still deleted from my phone (which needs all the digital space it can get for the video recordings...) but you will see them all sooner or later!
Take care and thanks for visiting!

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