Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Prompt #3

Happy Friday!
Yeah, I know the date on this post is not correct but I uploaded the photos several days ago without finding time to write the actual post. But now I'm here! It's Friday May 23, the sun is shining, it is like summer outdoors and in just a couple of hours the weekend begins!
All these layouts are my respons to my Ten to the Power of Å-some challenge and the prompt ink splatter.
I've  already shown this layout on Facebook in Nicole Jones group and there I talked about my wonderful box of bits and pieces for layering and how much it has helped my process to have this wide box of goodies near by.
This is a layout about when my daughter cut her hair at pre school... Love the colors on this page, the hair cut not so much.

This is my sisters in law's dog.
 I'm more of a cat person myself so in our house we have a cat :)
And here is a pretty sight, my daughter mopping the floor for Christmas. Yeah child labor at its best :)
I hope that all of you in the States will have a sunny Memorial Day weekend, that we here in Sweden will have a lovely Mother's Day weekend and that everybody else will have a wonderful - no name - weekend! Hugs!

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