Tuesday, July 23, 2013

30 degrees!

Today I want to share how I made a sunburst kind of layout using four different 6''x6'' papers from a paper pad. This is something I have been thinking about for some time but never gotten around to actually doing before and now I'm happy I did it during my vacation because I think the result is fun and it was a great way to use those paper pads which I love so much!
First I choose four different patterned papers and decided which part of the paper I wanted to have towards the middle of the sun burst. I used a protractor and divided the middle angles of the four papers in thirds, 30 degrees each.
I placed all the papers together with the divided angels pointing towards the middle and then I numbered the segments like this and cut them out. Then I placed them in numerical order and put them together with tape.
Turn it over and suddenly you hadve a unique paper for a special project!
My first try with this technique was with a winter themed colection by Bo Bunny. I cut along the edges nad chalked so that I could place my new sun burst on a piece of white paper to have a border.
For my second sunburst I decided to make a 2-page layout and use half of the sunburst on each page.

Side by side they look like this!
On July 10th we got a new family member! His name is Kosmos. He was born on April 17th and he is half Norwegian forest cat and half domestic short-haired cat. We believe he will be short haired when he grows up. He is just the sweetest little guy and he loves to play and cuddle and he is perfect with the kids eventhough they aren't always perfect with him...
Of course I couldn't resist decorating the pail we keep his food in :) Hubby just shook his head and smiled at me. 

So, now you know! In the future there will be cat layouts! I'm so happy!
Have a nice day!
// Åsa
PS: I just want to share a great link with lots of sneak peeks from CHA Summer 2013 all in one place! Check it out HERE!


  1. I love the sunburst effect as a backdrop to your pages. Each one looks so different, even with the same design. Your new kitty is so sweet. I will have to show my daughter later. She loves cats. :)

  2. thanks for a different take on sunbusrts, for some reason i struggle with them, so will give this a go! great layouts and congrats on your new kitty!

  3. Wow! The sunburst affect is fabulous! I love your beautiful pages. I will definitely have to try it so I can use up some of my 6x6 pads.

  4. Awesome, I love this sunburst idea! I will definetly have to try it with my 6x6 pads. TFS how you did it!! Also, wonderful banner on your 2 page layout!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!!! Have fun with Kosmos! :) Evie

  5. Super! It is a very good idea. I bought once a paper with a sunburst pattern, but never made one. I think I will try it very soon. :)