Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thoughts on creativity

Good morning!
Today I'm sharing two different types of layouts I like to make, two of each kind, and I thought I would talk a bit about the difference and my feelings for these different processes.

With thought: First I have two very obvious examples of the style that I try to accomplish after having read blogs and watched You Tube clips made by scrapbookers that I fancy. Usually I start by bringing out patterned papers that I think fit together. I cut pieces and make a startingpoint. I choose my photos and sometimes I mat them. Then I start to incorprate the few design principles that I know and sometimes I go with the rule of three with three embellishment clusters and sometime I do the diagonal instead with only two clusters. When I make layouts like this I feel like I'm following a rule book, a bit like sitting on a train, following the track. I often end up being really pleased with the layouts made with this process.

Without thought: Then sometimes I start with an idea, something that I want to try, something I've seen or something I just feel very strongly about at the moment. Often the layouts using this process becomes simple and clean because I have no idea how to decorate them since they seldom follow any rules whatsoever. Usually when I make these layouts I have alot of fun and I feel really creative while scrapping, BUT, I seldom get pleased with the result...
Here are two examples for this process: During vacation I went through my bag of cardstock scraps and sorted out those that were really tiny and cut them into strips and rectangles to get some sort of order and save some space. While doing that I started to get ideas and I created these two layouts following those ideas.
I can't say I'm disappointed with the layouts because I'm so happy I've finally gotten these precious photos (from 2008) in my albums but I still feel the layouts look like beginner's work...
I guess I just have to live with the fact that I'm not a graphic designer genius, not even particularly skilled, and when I try to create on my own I get lost and confused. It makes me sad of course, but I will try to not let it effect me or my creativity.
By the way, these layouts are #20-23 of 50 for the Facebook challenge.
I hope you all will have a wonderful day! Thank you for all your wonderful and sweet comments! Hugs!


  1. I think all your layouts are gorgeous, but I know what you mean about not feeling satisfied with some as that happens to me too. Sometimes I leave them for a while and then try adding something extra - just this morning I cut a border off a page I thought was finished, and matted it onto some more cardstock, and stitched another border around that cardstock, and now I'm much more happy with it than I was before. But sometimes you just have to get those pages in your albums and move on to something new.

    Just keep playing and experimenting, as long as you are enjoying yourself that's the main thing! x

  2. I think they are wonderful pages!
    I also think we are a little more critical of our own work. I know I am for sure! :)
    I actually have a scrapbook album that contains nothing but layouts that are done but not my favorites :)

  3. Hej, Åsa. So lovely to share an insight into your creative process. I absolutely love your 'new pope' LO - hilarious!

    I understand what you mean about the the difference in styles when you start with or without a plan. I think the lack of embellishment is probably the difference in why you prefer the planned vs. unplanned LOs (and I was going to say journaling but the planned ones don't use journaling either).

    Like Jennifer Grace said, sometimes I'm not entirely satisfied with a LO when I 'finish' it but I don't always know what's missing or wrong. Often I'll set it aside for a period of time to think things over so you could always do that and go back to tweak them. But either way, just keep doing what you love - that's the most important part. :)

  4. I really like the one with the little banners! But I did notice your top two have more embellishments and layering than the bottom two, so maybe that's what you like about them?

    I agree with the other above -- sometimes leaving it out overnight or a few days will help your brain come up with something else to add that completes the project. I can NEVER finish a layout in one sitting (and I'm a beginner, for sure.)