Friday, July 26, 2013

Up to date

Good morgning!
Yesterday I paid for my late night on Wednesday and I fell asleep when I was waiting for my son to do the same, perhaps I even went to dreamland before he did :) So my big plans for scrapping were reduced to nothing and at first I was so disappointed about that but then I realized I had used up my time on Wednesday evening and I obviously needed the sleep.
Today I can tell you about a new project that I'll be working with from now. I'm making an album for my cousin's son Matteo. I only have two cousins and this is my kids' first second cousin and he will be 1 year old this weekend. Earlier this week I made a card and sent to the family wishing the little boy a Happy Birthday. With the card I sent a memory card and a return envelope with postage and then I asked them to copy all their favorite photos of the boy's first year to the memory card and send it back to me in the enclosed envelop - and see what happens :)
I've given myself Christmas as deadline for this project and I'm planning to make as much of it as possible. I'll do it in 12''x12'' format and use supplies from my stash. It will be fun to work with someone else's photos, I haven't done that before. I'm actually quite excited about this wholeespecially since I got a very happy "thank you" on e-mail from my cousin this morning!  
Today I'm sharing three new layouts, made last weekend, and they are #43-45 for the Facebook challenge. These are the final ones that I haven't already shown you. So I'm finally up to date after the vacation. Hopefully I'll be able to scrap some during the weekend and show you all of it on Monday! I really want to reach 50 so that I can replenish my stash!
This first layout is with a photo collage from this past spring. I was happy when I managed to get it into a rectangle, I cut away alot of snow with the paper trimmer, I wish it was that easy with shovelling. We had so much snow this past winter!!! I like the washi "frame" I will use that technique again, since the tape is a bit transparent it gives a really subtle effect. The title says "Sun". We live in shadow from October to March, we live right next to a small mountain and during the winter when our days are so short the sun never comes above the ridge, so when the sun returns in March it feels very special.
This layout is special to me in an almost religious way. I'll try to explain very shortly. I have been a teacher since 2001 and when I had my own kids I started to hate my job more and more and it was slowly killing me and especially my nerves. So when I was getting back to work after I had been on my second maternity leave I crashed. I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. It was a horrible time. After six months of sick leave I came to paradise! Now I'm a telephone operator and this layout is about the ten first things I think is better with this new job.
This is my son - my sun! A couple of photos when he is painting and playing with clay. I used some of the stamped bits and pieces I made the other week (the pencils) and  colored them with my Promarkers to match the background paper that I have painted, sprayed and splashed all on my own :) The title is QK Diesel Classic on dimensional tape. The green dots are brads from my deep down my stash.
I hope  you'll all have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Monday! Hugs!


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