Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Mail

Don't you just loooove snail mail!? I've been penpalling since I was a kid and I love to send and recieve letters. Lately my letter writing has had to stand back since I have been using every free minute for scrapbooking but my penfriends are my best friends and we stay in contact on Facebook between letters.
Most of my penpals are either really old aquantances or scrapbookers. Some of my penpals are old acquaintances from when I was a teenager and some I have found via penpal sites in recent years after I started scrapbooking and was in search of friends with intrerests similar to me. But then there is one special lady. We have been writing letters to eachother like forever and shared ups and downs through many different stages in our lives. Her name is Stephanie and she lives in Canada.
For a couple of hectic years in our 20's we didn't have time for letterwriting but when we got back together we realized that we both had become shopping crazy photographers/scrapbookers! It was so fun! It's like when twins get separated at birth and meet as adults and realize they have the same educations and hobbies. At the time we were both teachers as well.
The other day I got such a wonderful package in the mail with a 22-page letter! Can you belive it! 22 printed pages! They were tiny pages but anyway! It was like taking a coffee with your best friend at a nice café with your heels kicked off and your face tired from laughing and smiling and even crying a bit. I don't have friends like that in real life so I treassure my penpals even more, they are my sisters.
She had recently been to a fantastic sale and with her letter she sent me some wonderful goodies that I will love using in my scrapbooking! Look what I got! You can't get your hands on flairs over here in the shops, they become too expensive to sell with the taxes and everything. These will be perfect!
Then I got this 6''x6'' paper pad from Amy Tangerine! I don't have any of those papers before and I (as you well know by now) love 6''x6'' papers!
 Now I'm longing to sit down and write back to Stephanie, share my recent stories and comment on hers. There will be lots of scrapbooking thought included!
I hope you will have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday! Hugs!


  1. I love snail mail!
    So sad that it is not used as much anymore.

  2. It's so fun to get happy mail! :) Enjoy your goodies.

  3. So sweet! I used to penpal tons but life has just gotten way too busy for it at the moment. Maybe I will pick it up again in the future.