Monday, August 12, 2013

Raining away

Going to work today was a bit like swimming! I forget how much it can pour this time of the year! Hopefully it will dry up until it is time to go home again!

After 510 phone calls answered in 7 hours I feel somewhat tired but I still enjoy every minute of my work! I was clearly made for talking and talking and talkning :) and scrapbooking! Happily I'm able to spend most of my brain on scrapbooking even when I'm working and I even more when the kids have gone to sleep in the evening.  
Yesterday I had time for two layouts with new photos. I need to appologize for the bad project photos, again.

Before I went to bed I pulled out some old white paper flowers and sprayed them with ink like crazy. I added some glitter and I hope they will look good with some of my new papers and photos.
Today I got a reminder on text message on my phone that I needed to come and fetch my package at the post office and I'm soooo happy about that. But at the same time I wonder why I didn't get a first notice!?! And I was starting to wonder where my new scrapbooking goodies were! Can't wait to open the box!
Take care and have a nice day!
// Åsa

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