Friday, August 9, 2013


I can tell already I'll have lots of time for writing today, seems like folks got all their municipality business done earlier in the week. When I sat on the bus this morning I was moping about not  having any new projects to show you and I was thinking about dong some inspiration search for myself this day and share my finds with you guys here in the blog.

Paint & ink
Crackle paint and running ink 
Lovely aqua on grid

Banners & arrows
Banners in all directions
Stacking rainbow triangels
Triangles with stitching

On a line with more lines
Many small photos in a vertical line, empty space
Chevron and ink over, yellow and black
Six cards
Envelope, cluster, spray
T-shaped with bits and pieces
Hexagons in all kinds of ways (perhaps use negatives from punching to draw hexagons?)
Great design!
Geometric pieces just perfect!

Layers, scraps and stamped background
Lovely layers
Wonderful colors


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