Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Water colors

Good morning!
On Saturday the kids wanted to paint with watercolors and I took the opportunity to do some painting myself. When my monocolored paintings had dried I punched out circles and used them on two 1-photo layouts.
This first is a sun rise photo from the harbor with four mallards swimming towards the camera making lovely wave interferens patterns on the surface. My first intention was to make the title reflect on that interferens pattern but my fantasy didn't work in that direction. Instead I choose "andrum" which means "respite" / "breathing space" but it is also a play with words because the Swedish word for mallard is "and" and "rum" means "room", so "mallard room". It stuck and I couldn't figure out anything better.  
I extended the horizon with a stripe of black cardstock and softened the edge with washi tape. I doodled around the circles and added some bows.
My sisters in law have a dog. His name is Kjell. When we all met up on Boxing Day he got a new dog sweater and I just had to take a photo. I think he looks a bit miserable, it's a dog's life :)
I made the next background with water color circles using up what was left of a sticker package from Hot of the Press. Love the steampunk look!
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Haul from Make & Create

I recieved a package from Make & Create yesterday and it was fun fun fun! I did some nice bargains and some sweet finds!
I took the chance to fill up my stash on embroidery floss and I spent about $2 each for these packages and I think that was totally worth it! My large glass jar full of floss, twine and yarn is looking awesome and I'm so inspired to do some sewing on layouts! I'm thinking rainbows!!
Look at these darlings! They are like enamel dots but with matte finsih and a little rounder over the top. I love the colors! The price was perfect and I bought all they had left!
I've been looking for shaped paper clips like for ever and the ones I've found have been ridiculously expensive! I thought I had struck gold when I saw that they had lots of different kinds at IKEA but my local IKEA had only the speech bubbles and I wanted all of them! Here I found a couple of different kinds to a nicely reduced price and I bought the houses, the stars and the hearts.
This is the main reason why I placed this order. I wanted the old style clothes pegs and they were really good price. I will use them to store my twine. I will use the other clothes pegs for the same purpose. I bought two packs of the old style and one pack of the one with spring mechanism. I also ordered a pack of spools and a bag with 50 of those cute wooden game shapes. The wooden game shapes are for the kids to paint. We will try and paint a couple of them this afternoon!
Have a nice day!

Soft colors!

I made a couple of layouts during the weekend and today I'm sharing two of them. The first was made with papers from my most recent scraps and a bacground paper that I've painted myself.I love the combination of yellow and pink, but I couldn't resist adding a little aqua to the mix!
In Sweden we don't really have a Christmas stocking tradition but the kids' grandmother gives them stocking gifts in the morning of Christmas Eve so that they have something to play with until they get all the gifts in the evening. This time they got LEGO and hubby and I had a blast ;)
Take care!