Monday, March 31, 2014

Haul from Pysseltagen

Good morning!
Today I'm planning to post a lot on the blog! I have some wonderful hauls and some DIY that I've tried. I'm starting with a smaller haul from Pysseltagen, a Swedish web shop. My order there begun with me looking for a gift for a friend and when I found it there I just happened to find a bunch of fun stuff for myself as well!
These laser cut chip boards from Fern Studios are adorable! They had many different sets but they were quite expensive so I only bought one. The tape with words is lovely! I have already used it on a layout and it looks perfect!
These speciality paper stacks are so much fun! I've even cut the burlap in the Cuttlebug with thin dies! It looks amazing, especially as tags and other grounding elements for embellishment clusters, it gives such a warm feeling to a project and I will use it alot!
 I'll be back in a while with something more!

My phone!

Today I'm sharing a mix of layouts, they have nothing in common only happened to be next in my mobile phone album for blogging. Yeah, I take all my photos for the blog with my phone, in fact I seem to take most photos these days with my phone. I love it! I'm never without a camera when I need one these days (not counting the many times when my batteries have died though...), I love the fact that I can listen to music all the time and use Internet and sometimes I even make phone calls with it! It's truly an amazing machine! So I needed to have it in my album as well, I took a photo, cut it out and wrote about it.
Here are the guys in my life, hubby and our son, sitting on the kitchen counter. The journaling is about my son's taste in food at the age of 2½. I've stamped the background and also used the same stamps to make grounding elements for my embellishment clusters. There will be lots of more stamping in the future!  
Here is my son again, my mother in the background. Yeah, that lifejacket is "a bit big", but atleast it stopped him from moving around so that was good :) I love the popping colors in the photo and I had to use that in the layout as well.
I did some scrapping during the weenend so I have plenty more to show you whan I can find my time to post on the blog next! Have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I love Lego!

Hello! Today I'm sharing a layout on white, with my favorite colors at the moment, I can't seem to get enough of neither aqua/teal or yellow/orange!!
This layout shows when hubby and I mixed our bags of childhood Lego-blocks. Yeah, it's a bit like getting married :) so I called the layout "Lego wedding".
We play alot with Lego at home. It is a wonderful hobby and suitable for all ages, especially for those 30+ with too much creativity going on.
Have a nice day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow on spring flowers

For several weeks we've had spring here, snow has been melting away and we have spring flowers in the gardens. I've started using my spring shoes and sun glasses. Together with the longer days and the birds twitter it was easy to believe it was "for real"... Yeah, you understand where this is going, don't you?
Today the whole world is WHITE again!
So what can I do about it? Let's take a day to remember Christmas!
Today I'm sharing three layouts from Christmas 2013. First is a series of Christmas Eve photos of my son drinking "julmust", a cold carbonated drink a bit similar to Coca Cola. The title says: Bubbles in the nose.
Next is a layout from Christmas Day when we celebrate the birthday of one of hubby's cousines. The title says: Sofia's Cake Day.
The last layout is from Christmas Eve when the kids played around with their gifts just before we were going home from the relatives where we had had dinner. The title says: Shield Maiden.
I've realized that I don't like Christmas paper after Christmas. Perhaps I should save the Christmas photos and scrapbook them in November or December when it feels fresh and current again.
Now it's soon time for me to brave the weather and take a walk through town to where the afternoon meeting will take place. I have secretary work to do and I hope I won't freeze too much.
Take care!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Recipe cards

Today I'm sharing a bunch of new recipe cards that I've added to our recipe binders in the kitchen. We have five binders now and I really need to come up with a sorting system that will work!
When I make the recipe cards I use papers and embellishments that I'm fairly certain I'll never use in my regular scrapbooking. I often end up covering most of the background with the photo and the recipe and there is only room for a minimum of embellishments. It is strangly refreshing to make these cards with no special thought of design principles or current fashion.
First we have waffels according to my low carb diet.
These are "high carb" cardamom crisp rolls, totally delicious with some butter on.
Cole slaw in three colors. Made with red and white cabbage and kale, perfect for Christmas.
 Thin bread buns, the best for sandwiches with butter, cheese and cucumber and a nice cup of tea! 
 Pink fudge with coconut flakes!
I have more food photos in my box so I'll make more of these really soon! It is such a nice project for our family! 
Here are my previous posts with recipe cards:  #1  #2
Have a nice Friday and a happy weekend!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Haul Scrap-Perra

Hello again!
It's getting harder´and harder to find single papers for sale here in Sweden and I suspect it is the same in other countries as well. The web shops want us to purchase packs and collections. I understand it, handling single sheets of papers must be botyh time consuming and space consuming. But I don't like it. I prefer to buy only the papers I really want to own and from all the collections that I fancy. At Scrap-Perra they still have some fairly new collections for sale as single sheets and I bought a selection that I eally wanted to have from a couple of different brands. Now I just wish I had current photos to scrap together with these colorful papers!
Next order isn't coming in until mid March since I'm waiting for a couple of items that will restock then. Atleast I know I will get it and it is really making me happy! I've ordered lots of diecuts and lots of journaling cards, paper pads and embellishments! Fun!
More layouts tomorrow!
Take care!

Haul Scrapfabriken

This is a small package I got from Scrapfabriken the other day. I mainly ordered for this camera paper from October Afternoon, I just had to own it! I bought two, the striped one is the backside of the camera paper. The arrows are from the same collection and I thought they were fun.
I filled up th epackage with some cardstock. Eventhough it is totally out of fashion I keep using colored cardstock in my scrapbooking, sometimes for backgrounds and alot for diecutting letters.
 I've decided to stop buying fluid chalk mini ink pads like the Color Box cat eyes and the Ingvild Bolme ones from Prima. I ordered the refill bottle from Color Box and I have the ink blending tool from Ranger coming in another order, I think it will be much better than the small ink pads that keep getting worn out before the ink is gone and then leaving crumbs of ink pad all over my projects.  
The camera embellishments were a bargain that I couldn't resist! 
I'll be back with another haul shortly!

A splash of aqua

Good morning!
It's been alomost a month since I wrote last and when I look back I can't see a clear reason why. Things have been busy but not overly, I have been scrapbooking and I have been shoppig supplies, I just haven't been in the mood to blog. But now it is coming back to me and here I am!
Today I'm sharing two 1-photo layouts that I made back in the beginning of February, both with a hint of aqua.
This first layout is for by BOM. My daughter took the photo of me and I think it is such a relaxed and genuine phto of the person I am at the moment I wanted it for my BOM and with it I tell the story of where I am today - proffesionally.

Due to major reorganizations at work I don't know for how long I'll be having this awsome job so I try to enjoy it as much as possible for as long as it lasts. I don't want it to end!
The second layout is about the several illnesses that we caught during the fall of 2013. The photo is of my son scratching his chicken-pox rash. But he claimed it was ketchup and not chicken-pox  :).
 I have done some major shopping lately. First I placed two orders for "old stuff" and now I'm waiting for a major order of "new stuff" from the CHA in january. I'm treating myself to some goodies for my upcoming birthday! I'll post the stuff that I've already recieved shortly.
Have a nice day!
// Åsa