Friday, December 27, 2013

Thoughts on the old

Today I'm sharing three layouts and a thought. These I made with really old papers, scraps that I had left over and stuff that I wanted to use up. And I hated it. Yes, I did. I don't like the result. I didn't like the process and it took forever to get it done. It even took forever to get this blog post ready. This got me thinking. Perhaps it isn't only good to feel the preassure to have to use up every old bit and scrap. I will think differently in the future. This was bad for creativity. Those things that are bad for creativity is bad for the soul. Period.
Take care! //Åsa

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas cards 2013

Hello! Today I'm having the day off from work. Hubby and I have done the last gift shopping for Christmas and we've been to the Lucia celebration at our daughter's preschool. At 3 pm we're going to the Lucia celebration at our son's preschool. Until then we're relaxing at home and I decided to photograph all the Christmas cards I put together yesterday and show you!

I really thought I wouldn't have time for cards this year but I started with the card bases a couple of weeks ago. I painted some stamped motives during fall and I spent a couple of evenings making shadows and cutting them. Then one night I cut out patterned papers and put on the card bases and yesterday I sat for a couple of hours making the final cards!



The motives are from Swedish stamp companies "Magnolia" and "hÄnglar & stÄnglar".  The ones with large eyes are Magnolia and the ones with small eyes are hÄngar & stÄnglar. all the cards are 6''x6''.

Now I'll see if I can gather up enough inspiration to do some scrapbooking! I wish you all a lovely weekend! Take care!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last two

Good morning! Today I'm sharing the last two layouts I've made for our own albums. Summer photos! We have snow, or rather slush... it is really a horrible type of weather. I hate it! Today after working hours we're having a little get-together with Christmas food with the people from work and I'm looking forward to it. I did some Christmas baking yesterday evening and we recieved the photos for the Christmas cards from printing. I ordered the books to complete my gift shopping for my daughter and today I just finished my gift shopping for hubby online and my plan is to make a massive effort with the Christmas cards this evening. Perhaps it will become Christmas after all. Maybe...
Yesterday I showed you all my latest scrapbooking hauls so if you didn't visit yesterday, please scroll down and have a look at what I got in the mail! 
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Haul #4

Hi! This is my surprise bag from Freckled Fawn's ware house sale. The house wood chips didn't come in the bag, I bought them on the side. I love the four fabric patches! The frames are adorable too! So much fun to work with!
Take care and come back to morrow for some layouts!

December Haul #3

Hello! Yesterday I finally had the oportunity to pick up my package from CiLi in Papers with all my Christmas stuff in it!
From Studio Calico's Magical collection I ordered the 6''x6'' paper pad and the chip board die cuts. This collection will be fun for all types of winter photos and I'm looking forward to working with it.
They had the chipboard stickers from the Studio Calico Snippets collection and they have been on my wish list for some time. I think that they will fit really well with the Magical collection, at least the ones that are solid in color. While I were in the Studio Calico section of the web shop I picked up some alphas and feather die cuts.
I bought some Sn@p stickers from Simple Stories and two Versa Color mini ink pads. I have decided to invest in a well planned selection of Stampin Up ink pads. Or, I'm actually trying to get it as a birthday gift from hubby for my birthday in March. After all these years I'm finally big enough to commit to some real ink pads!
I treated myself to two packages of Thickers, full price mind you, eventhough I usually end up cursing the total lack of usable vowels and need to be "alpha-creative" beyond all reason.  
This is my main collection for the season. It is from Carta Bella in 12''x12''. The papers are textured and really thick! I don't know if I think that is a good thing though... I'm not 100% pleased, the colors are a bit muted due to the texture and the heaviness will be a problem with layering. But it will have to do. I will mix it up with light cream papers and gold/silver to give it some sparkle and brightness.
I bought one paper and a sticker sheet from Teresa Collins' collection Santa's List.
I picked up a random paper from Simple Stories Say Cheese collection...
...and a sticker sheet from their Christmas line December Documenterd.
Yeah, it's crazy, but I have one more haul coming up! Stay tuned!

December Haul #2

in with #3Hello again! We have a Swedish version of ebay which I like to browse from time to time and lately I have found lots of dies there. I have had my eyes on this feather one for a long time but the bidding has always gone over my budget but finally my time had come and I got it!
This die I bought to get that take-away coffe mug! It is one of my new favorite icons! I'm sure I'll be able to use the tea cup as well, I like the steam!
I'll be back soon again with haul #3! Yeah, I've been shopping like a crazy scrapbooker, as always :)

December Haul #1

Hello! Today I'm sharing a couple of hauls from my latest shopping sprees online! This first is from PY Hobby, a Swedish web shop that had free shipping the other day. I think I ordered on Sunday and got the order on Monday,it was super fast! This isn't a shop I buy a lot from, they don't have the things I like, but they do have the double sided tape that I like to use and it is almost for free! I bought three rolls of that tape and then I just bought a few things that caught my eye, but nothing special really.
I bought washitape, one roll of white and one roll of striped blue. The blue tape looked more aqua in the shop photo but I think I can use it anyway. The dimensional tape was a bargain and I use that alot for my Christmas cards.
I misunderstood the size of these pearls, they are very tiny but I think I can use them anyway. They are in the colors yellow, blue and brown.
I bought black and white alphas, can never get enough of those, can you? I thought these were special since they are tiny but still cut out and not on a rectangle or circle.
This product is called Card Candi and it is cardstock dots with a little dimension. They look like large brads if you glue them down. They are available in a wide range of colors and patterns and there is about a zillion of them in each package. They have been around for a long time and I'd seen them in UK-based web shops a long time ago but never in American or Swedish. Then I saw that Mercy Tiara had gotten them in a kit recently and when I found them at PY Hobby I thought it would be fun to try them for Christmas layouts and cards.
I bought a set of colored doilies, I've not had any of those before and I must say that my attempts to color the white ones have failed pretty much every time.
I'll be back in a while with another haul! See ya!

Monday, December 9, 2013

All are well

Good morning! After one week of illness I'm back at work and it feels sooo good! For the past three weeks I've been at work a total of five days. Both kids have had chicken-pox and been at home one week each. Why couldn't they just get it at the same time?!? Then while my daughter had her chicken-pox my son came home with a tummy flue and passed it on to all four of us. Yeah, it's been a total chaos lately.
But now I'm back! I just wish I could get a week off and only do scrapbooking - on my own! I can't understand it is only two weeks until Christmas! There is so much I'd like to do!
Today I have two layouts to share with you from a couple of weeks ago. They are made with almost the same papers and when you see them side by side it is really obvious but they will not be this close to eachother in the album. I've done my best to use up the stickers from Simple Stories' "I{heart} summer" collection and I don't think I have many left now.
I'm also trying to use up my old stash of ribbons but I think it is sooo hard and very uninspiring! The colors and styles I have left are old fashioned, boring and some are even ugly. Gaaah, why do I buy stuff just because it is cheap!?! Pure stupid! I think I do this less often these days, or at least I hope so.
Today I'm going to the post office to collect my package of Christmas papers and supplies from CiLi in Papers! It will be Christmas this evening!
Take care of you and stay healthy! Hugs!
// Åsa