Monday, December 9, 2013

All are well

Good morning! After one week of illness I'm back at work and it feels sooo good! For the past three weeks I've been at work a total of five days. Both kids have had chicken-pox and been at home one week each. Why couldn't they just get it at the same time?!? Then while my daughter had her chicken-pox my son came home with a tummy flue and passed it on to all four of us. Yeah, it's been a total chaos lately.
But now I'm back! I just wish I could get a week off and only do scrapbooking - on my own! I can't understand it is only two weeks until Christmas! There is so much I'd like to do!
Today I have two layouts to share with you from a couple of weeks ago. They are made with almost the same papers and when you see them side by side it is really obvious but they will not be this close to eachother in the album. I've done my best to use up the stickers from Simple Stories' "I{heart} summer" collection and I don't think I have many left now.
I'm also trying to use up my old stash of ribbons but I think it is sooo hard and very uninspiring! The colors and styles I have left are old fashioned, boring and some are even ugly. Gaaah, why do I buy stuff just because it is cheap!?! Pure stupid! I think I do this less often these days, or at least I hope so.
Today I'm going to the post office to collect my package of Christmas papers and supplies from CiLi in Papers! It will be Christmas this evening!
Take care of you and stay healthy! Hugs!
// Åsa


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better! Great pages! I love how you added the text to the photos on the second page.

  2. Glad you're feeling better! Such sweet layouts, we love TBBT here too! :)

  3. Glad everyone is better! Your two pictures tugged at my heart stings as my girls are 16 and 17 and I remember those sweet days when they were little! I love that line, too - terrific!

  4. Oh girl I hear you about those two weeks, does not seem like much time left. Glad to here you are feeling better..being sick really sucks a lot out of you. The layouts are adorable...Love the kitty one.

  5. Love the kitty layout so cute :). Glad everyone is feeling better :)

  6. I will have Sheldon singing "Soft Kitty" in my head all day long now lol! Lovely layouts and so glad to hear your family is on the mend! Wow...that was a doozy!