Friday, November 29, 2013

More is more!

Hello! It's Friday! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday and that you have had the opportunity to do some fun Black Friday shopping today! People around here thought it was strange I even knew it was Thanksgiving yesterday so it is not something we hear alot about over
here. But I celebrated it in my mind and in my heart, I am a very thankful person.
Today I'm sharing two layouts from last weekend. First is a colorful summer page with the kids playing with friends in our garden. I like the mixed media look on this one, textures from messy acrylic paint and ink spray, via patterned paper to very crisp and clean stickers.
When I started this next layout I really had low expectations to actually get it done because the colors felt kind of off. Then I added the photo and all my hopes went away. I even put it away and thought I would put the different pieces back in my stash when I had the time. But then something happened and in the middle of one of those very creative scrapbooking sessions I started adding things to the page and in the end it turned out pretty good after all. The photo is from 2008 when my daughter was born.
Have a nice weekend! Tonight I'm meeting up with all my lovely coworkers and we're having a glögg-evening. Glögg is spiced wine served warm with raisins and almonds. The spices in glögg are for example cinnamon, bitter orange, cardamom and ginger. It is a very popular drink for Christmas. I'm looking forward to having a great time and laugh alot! Take care!


  1. Very pretty layouts! I love the paint and paper strips on the first one.

  2. Pretty layouts! I love your mixed media layout!

  3. I like the two layouts but especially the first one. I like the mix of paint, ink and paper strips.