Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Up to date

Hello! Today I'm sharing a my very latest layout. The photos was taken during that boat trip that I've already told you about a million times before. The people in the picture is my mum and her new life partner.
So now I'm up to date with my updates! It inspires me even more to do more scrapbooking, if I could only find the time and energy! The darkness is getting to me, I'm sooo tired in the evenings! I have tried going for lunch break walks to gather some energy and light but this far it has only given me more photos to scrap, no energy to do it. But I'm happy about my photos! Here is a selection that I want to share with you!
First is a photo from this morning, about 7.30 am. I got down town really early so I took a walk along my favorite harbour path and I dared to take off my gloves to capture this amazing sun rise behind the new bridge.
This photo was taken yesterday when I took a walk on my lunch break. It shows our town from the harbour.
Last is my favorite photo! I took it a couple of weeks ago when I had my autumn photography session and it has inspired me to work more with perspective and I have realized that crawling on the ground can result in very good photos!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. This is beautiful, as are the photos.

  2. Really cute layout and beautiful photos! Yup, I've been crawling around on the floor a lot lately too! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! Great page as well!

  4. wow your photos are beautiful and what a great layout

  5. Beautiful photos. Very nice layout...just right for the photos.