Thursday, October 31, 2013

Summer photos and a new paper!

Hello! I hope you had a lovely Halloween evening yesterday! We don't really celebrate Halloween in Sweden but the kids like to dress up and today I left a pirate and a witch at day care! They are having a costume party.  
Today I'm sharing three new layouts with summer photos and bright fun colors! First is a square design with four 6''x6'' papers. Hubby was holding the camera and taking photos from a distance of our son and me at the play ground.
Then I'm sharing photos of the kids in the tiny children's pool at my mum's place. The background design is the same as in the Paparazzi layout above but the finished layout is far from the same. It is a very nice starting point, I think. You can do so much from that basic back ground and you get to use those lovely 6''x6'' paper pads that we love so much! When I had placed the PL-cards and the photos it was really hard to know what to do next and all embellishments I tried got lost in the busy page. Then I decided to "think big" and found a bunch of really big and bold paper flowers and added ribbon and buttons in the middle and some dark blue washi to ground the flowers to the background.  I think it turned out pretty well.  
Last is a photo from "that boat trip of ours" with some pretty papers and some random stuff :)
Have you guys seen this awesome new paper? Lol, I've made it myself! You know I'm crazy about everything camera patterned and I have collected my fair share of camera stamps. The other day I had an epiphany and realized that you can stamp in other colors than black. I only own black and brown ink pads but I have a couple of small cat eye ones and Versa Color ones that I only have used for inking edges of papers. And I have the white Memento! I selected three camera stamps and started stamping on a smooth piece of black cardstock and I'm actually surprised how good it turned out!
 I made some frames with the paper trimmer and it was sooo easy and I think they turned out sooo well! I tried stamping with some of my clear stamps and I think the effct was pretty awesome! I will not but frames in the future, I will make them myself!
I hope you will have a wonderful weekend and that you will have the oportunity to scrap alot!


  1. Lovely layouts and I adore your camera patterned paper!

  2. Beautiful layouts, so many great details on each of them and your camera paper is genius!

  3. Love it that your husband captured you at the playground! The camera paper and frames are so creative! Very smart! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, that patterned paper you made turned out great! I need a white ink pad, maybe I will try Memento. Nice LOs too.

  5. Great layouts, love your hanmade paper and frames :)

  6. That stamped paper is awesome! I've recently got interested in stamping. I don't ever use anything other than black ink, lol! I need to broaden my horizons.