Monday, October 28, 2013

O scrapbook time - where art thou?

Hello! I'm back after more than a week of sick leave, first with the kids and then with myself. Baaah! I feel really off! Now I've been on the phone for a couple of hours and my voice is still holding. So happy about that!

During sick leave I did some scrapbooking between coughing and sneezing and I'm actually quite proud of what I have accomplished.

I started with rearranging some in my scrapbooking cabinet. I took out all the empty jars that I've been hoardin and put them in the basement instead. I sorted my old embellishments and made some inspiring finds. I found new storage for my stamps and for the embellishments that I use often.

I have been watching lots of haul videos and found great inspiration (as always) in my scrapbook idol nicolejones911. I even made a scraplift of one of her layouts! I am also only one layout from finishing the albun for my cousin's son! That really surprises me since I was really prepared to sit during the nights the week before Christmas and scrap in panic to get it done. It has been so much fun and I think some of the pressure I normally feel when I create lifted because it wasn't for my own album and my own super critical fashion/design eyes. Refreshing!  
I still haven't shown you all the layouts I made during my scrapbooking retreat/staycation the other week so you'll have to wait for my most recent layouts a couple of more days, but trust me, they are worth waiting for!  :)

First in today's row of pages is a sunburst layout with 6''x6'' papers from The Pier. My son and I take selfies with the mobile phone camera.

They are building a bridge over the bay where our town i situated and I have taken lots of photos of the project. Bridges inspire me alot and I think it is such a historical thing happening that I want to document it just because I can. It will forever change the view from/on our town and I think it is important. I also think it will be beautiful when it is done! Right now it is just a large work place and it is just amazing how they can get it all in place with such precision!

This layout had me digging through the old sticker sheets from Simple Stories. I think it turned out pretty nice. I try to document my daughter's reading progress. She is 5½ and in the middle of getting her speed up on her reading and writing. We read alot at home and I'm sure she'll become an avid reader as well.  

Now I need to make a confession... During my illness I caved in and invested in some retail therapy... I was a bit disapponted in myself at first but then the joy of waiting for goodies took over, now I'm only happy that I actually pressed the buy-button!

I made three orders and one has already arrived. I think I'll show it tomorrow, or later today. That order was from Swedish web-shop Sirap i Paris which is one of my absolute favorites and they had a 20% off sale! They seem to have all the stuff I like and they are much more up to date than most shops. Then I wanted to place an order with my other favorite shop CiliInPapers but lots of the things I wanted were out of stock so instead I ordered from my new favorite shop in UK Craftie Charlie. Finally I noticed when I was coloring images for the Christmas cards that I had run out or Warm Grey 2 which I use for outlining all my Magnolia and hÄnglar motives so I placed an order and happened to find a shop that had a super duper discount on Gorjuss stamps so I "had to" order a bunch of those... That is perhaps the part of the shopping madness that I feel a bit guilty about still but I know I will have such a great time coloring those cute girls! So stay tuned for some haul posts!

Have a nice day!


  1. Wonderful and creative layouts. Awesome!

  2. Wonderful pages! Nice that you were able to get some scrapbooking time even though you and the kids were sick.

  3. So sorry you were sick but glad to hear you are doing better. The layouts are all wonderul, love the shot of your dd with that book, she looks like a serious reader.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better. Love the collection of layouts!

  5. Oh goodness, I hope that everyone's feeling better! Love the layouts, especially the design of the first one!

  6. Glad you all are feeling better! Beautiful layouts and looking forward to seeing what you create with your new goodies!

  7. hope your all feeling better, fab pages' too x

  8. Well done for getting through the illness with a bit of scrapping, that's the way to go! These pages look great, I really love the series of selfie photos with your son! x

  9. Lovely work! My fave is the final layout! :)