Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hauls #1-2

Hello again! Now I'm back with two of my hauls!
My first haul is from Sirap i Paris and it cost me a total of 366 SEK which equals 40 Euro or $54. It was a 20% off sale and I'm quite pleased with the price.
First I got a bunch of papers, I'm showing the page that I want to use the most, but some of the papers have really nice second sides as well.  

Then I got the empemera pack from The Pier collection. I love it! Especially the pieces with gold!
I bought three sets of clar stamps. Two jars and a set of hexagon sentiments. I also love the little icons that came with the hexagons! I have a thing for jars as I told you before and I plan to make both cards and layouts using these.
My second haul is from the Swedish auction site Tradera (like eBay). I made two really nice deals. I paid almost nothing for the duck-paper clips, at least I paid more for postage than I paid for the actual items.
I have had my eyes on these camera stamps on Etsy for quite some time now and the shipping cost has prevented me from ordering. I really love everything with cameras on! Now I found them in a Swedish auction and I got them for 28 SEK shipping included (3 Euro or US$ 4.2).
I think I'll have two cups of coffe tonight so that I have energy to play with all my goodies!
Take care!

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