Friday, September 20, 2013

Bulking up!

Yesterday I got my package with the albums from Slöjddetaljer. At the same time I had ordered a carving set and stamp material for making my own hand carved rubber stamps. I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet but I'm planning what to start with and how I'll approach the whole thing.
I bought three black, fabric covered, post bound albums and during the evening I started moving my homeless layouts into them and I did the way I normally do. I add 30 page protectors to each album and make the screws longer with the extenders and then I started adding my layouts... Oh, boy!
I can't do it like that anymore! My new layering & embellishment methods are totally bulking up the layouts so when I had 20 layouts in the album it was full! I tried adding an extra extender but the album became whobbly and super heavy! Oh well, at least I'm very pleased with my layouts eventhough they take up more room. I'll grow out of my album shelves faster than I had expected :)
Now I've got good news! The week after next week I'm off from work! I'm having a crafting week at home without kids (they'll be at day care, like normal days)! Other people go to crops and scrapbooking retreats but I will have my own retreat at home! Yippie! I don't even have to pack my bags! Hubby is joining me on this luxurious adventure at home and work on his painting. We have also planned to eat unhealthy and go for walks, hand in hand, at least once every day :) I'm feeling a bit mischievous!
Have a lovely weekend!
// Åsa


  1. Enjoy your new goodies and your upcoming crafting time! I just had to move some albums around because they were getting too unwieldy too. :)

  2. Enjoy the play time and new goodies...a week off of work to scrap sounds divine!