Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello there! 
Today I'm blogging from home. Yeah, the coughing finally got me. I work as a telephone operator in an exchange and you can only cough that much before it effects the whole work situation. It feels like my coughing medicine has stopped working. It worked really well last week, yesterday it was a bit living on the edge at work and then when it was time for bed I couldn't stop coughing at all and I've actually been sleeping with three pillows behind my back, almost sitting straight up. When I got to work it only took an hour to understand I couldn't work at all. So now I'm at home, blogging and watching Nicole Jones process videos on You Tube. Haven't had any coughing fits but talking occasionally to the cat isn't anywhere near talking non-stop on the phone at work. I'm going to the health centre at 3 pm, and I better get some kick-ass coughing medicine or I will cough my eyes out tonight. I have the whole day on Friday working as a meeting secreatary for "the big bosses" and I need my beauty sleep and I must be able to stay quiet!

Baah! Enough about that, I'm just rambling. On to the important things in life - scrapbooking and layouts!

I have three layouts for you today! The first is called "Cause and Effect" and it shows a funny pair of photos of my son and the cat. My son has no idea how to pet the cat, which is surprising after all this time and how much we have talked about it. Basically he just pokes the cat with his little finger in "interesting places" like on the nose, in the ears or under the paws. The cat is soooo patient with Viggo but once in a while he reacts and "pokes back", so to say. Here I managed to get photos of one of those particular moments. 

I tried to make two embellishment clusters but I ended up with two "piles of stuff" and I will learn from this and make better next time. Learning is tough.


 Here are picnic photos from when we drove to see my mother during summer vacation. It is a 650 kilometers trip, which is 400 miles, so you need some pit stops to keep the energy up. We always make a longer stop in Old Uppsala which has historical mentions back to the 3rd and 4th century AD and there are impressive barrows there from the 5th and 6th centuray AD. The photo montage at the top of the layout show hubby and the kids walking to the top of one of the burrows. It is too steep for me so I stayed behind with the camera.

I think I did better here with the clusters, they are better grounded and the sizes of the elements are more varied. Yeah, I occasionally know what I'm doing, even when I'm doing it wrong.

Last is a layout with trampoline photos. We had so much fun on the trampoline this past summer!!! I took so many hilarious photos and there is another trampoline layout coming up in the blog in a few days. When I first photographed this layout I thought something was missing and then I added the orange/aqua ribbon and everything became much better, "it really tied the room together" as the Dude whould have said. 

I think I did good with the clusters here too. I just wish I could do good all the time...
OK then! Perhaps I'll do some scrapbooking then, before I go to the health centre. It feels like some sort of luxery in the middle of all the coughing. Not feeling any guilt about that, whatsoever! 

Have a nice day!


  1. I hope your cough goes away soon! Wonderful collection of pages!

  2. Such pretty layouts! Hope that your cough gets better!

  3. I know what you mean about that cough..I think mine has finally gone away, but every now and then I will get one of those coughing fits. Hopefully you are on the mend.

    Love the layouts, and the pictures of your little ones are adorable. Especially like the action shots.

  4. I like your embellishment clusters!

  5. These look great! Love your clusters of embellies.

  6. Great layouts! Fun embellishment clusters.