Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm alive!

Yeah, I am alive! I have even been scrapbooking and I'm here to show you some proof! First is a mixed media layout of my son and ot kitten. I loved to make this one and I already have a couple of 12x12 sheets prepared with gesso for my next mixed media projects! So much fun!
Next up is a multi photo madness from my daughter's dance recital in May. At the end of the show they had all the dancers on the stage and they danced to this super popular song "Busy doin' nothing" by Ace Wilder - you have to give it a listen, just follow the link :)
Next is a montage from out Easter egg painting! This page is way to busy for my own taste but now the photos are in the album so I'm pleased.
Last for today is our midsummer lunch. Midsummer Eve is the favorite annual celebration for many of us living in Sweden. It sure is my favorite holiday! It is an old pagan celebration of fertility and we celebrate it with food, drinking, music, dancing and flowers. Can't go wrong there, can you?
I really like the fuzzy cut flowers here! And the top and bottom border helps keep the layout from becoming too messy. Really pretty - and multiphoto!
Take care and enjoy summer!

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