Sunday, June 9, 2013

My first two

Good morning! The kids had a sleep over at their grandparents yesterday and now it is before breakfast and we haven't fetched them yet so that is why I'm up with a new post eventhough it is weekend! Other people might go out to a movie and a fancy restaurant when they have the kids at the grandparents but we spread out our crafting supplies over half the house, stayed up until 2 am and loved the fact we could leave everything out until morning. Yeah, you know you are a carfting nerd when...

Anyway, I havenow opened all the embellishment packages and found suitable storage for everything I bought. I have set up all the things I need to start the next "50 layouts" challenge. It feels like I'm getting ready for a crop or something but I'm just making sure I have all the possible inspiration at hand!

On Friday I managed to find time for some paint splash making and I'm very pleased with the colors and the small bottles! I might need to get some more of those so that I can have my black and white in the same type of bottles.

So last night I started take two on the Facebook challenge to create 50 layouts before shopping. So this is my layout #2.1 and I'm so pleased I don't really know where to start! I just love the Amy Tangerine bits! They will not last long in my stash! The little people wood veneers are just darlig cute and I'm so hapy I finally found some, they have been out of stock like forever and here in Sweden I have never seen them for sale before. I was so happy to find them just in time for my "embellishment replenishment"! It was super fun to start using my new papers and I'm in love with the water color effect on the patterned paper! I tried out my new home made splashes for the first time and I'm so pleased with the result! I will use those a lot! This layout is about our morning routine at the moment. The photos are from just a couple of weeks ago and we are on our way to day care in the morning.

The next layout, #2.2 is also with very recent photos. We celebrated the first really warm summer evening a couple fo weeks ago by having a huge family water gun battle in the garden. It was so fun, I laughed so much and we got soaking wet all four of us. I had planned this page in a page protector and choosen the patterned papers and I liked the combination of that ancient old paper as a mat and this new wood grain print from Studio Calico as the "main event" on the page. But when the page came together I noticed that the wood grain was covered up alot and I thought that was sad so I went to my stash and tried to find a replacement. Ofcourse I couldn't find one, you can't just really replace perfection, can you? So I ended up using it anyway, but I cut out all the paper behind the photo block so that I'll be able to use the wood grain some more! I thought that was the best thing to do, almost like eating the cookie and having some left at the same time! Here I used some of the labels I shared with you yesterday and I'm really happy I made them! I also used some free printables that I found online (the orange camera and Oh shoot circles). The yellow dots are leftovers from the yellow alpha chipboard set and I splashed some black paint over the diagonal clusters for some extra interest. I'm really happy about this layout and about the memory itself!

I hope you'll have a wonderful Sunday and that it will be a sun-day for all of us! Take care and come back soon!

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