Thursday, June 6, 2013

My scrap space!

Hello! When you have a scrapbooking blog I guess it is appropriate at some point to show where you do your paper crafting and I think I have come to that point now. I don't have a scrapbooking room and I don't think I would have wanted one if I could have one because I love my space so much and it gives me the possibility to spend time with my hubby when we are doing our different crafts and hobbies. 

Our living room is L-shaped. The part of the L closest to the kitchen is our dining area and the part closest to our hallway is our computer & crafting area. We have the TV and the sofa in the corner of the L. When we were planning our home before we moved in we thought of having the habby area in the basement because that is how people normally have it and we kind of thought we had to do it like everybody else. But the more we thought about it the more crazy it sounded. Our crafts are a huge part of our lives and our goal is to be able to incorprate it into our daily life as much as possible and if we need to go to the basement to craft that would feel really backwards. 

So we decided to make a crafting area and this is what we came up with. Everything is IKEA. Hubby has the desk to the right and mine is the one next to the cabinet where I have all my scrapbooking supplies. We have one stationary computer each and a printer in the middle. When we need to spread out stuff and have more room we use the table by the window and it can double in length if we'd like. This is a great place for the kids' crafting too and we sit here alot with them even when we play games and sometimes we eat here too when it is too sunny in the dining area. Above the desks we have a long shelf where we can put away things that we like to have close.

This is my cabinet. It is the best piece of furniture I've ever bought! On top of the cabinet is my Cuttlebug and my green box of supplies for it. I have my box of recently printed photos and my tool bag there too. On my tool bag you can see my collection of washi tapes on a metal ring. The black box has cords, chargers and such electronic stuff that needs to be stored away because you don't use it every day. On top of the black box are the new toners for the printer.
On my part of the shelf I keep my camera bag, a box with cords and chargers etc that I use almost daily, my green bag with supplies I use alot and my brown bag with my goodies that arrived this week! Some pens and some letters to the right.

The upper part of the cabinet has three shelves. I store everything in boxes, bags and folders so that I can easily take them out and go through them and easily put them back again. On the upper shelf I have stamps, paints, my beauty bag (which stores all the tools and supplies that I use every time I scrap, such as scissors, glue, foam tape, acrylic block, journaling pens etc.). To the right is my box of paper flowers sorted by color in empty spice jars. 

The middle shelf has my tiny collectio of Thicker to the left, a box filled with ribbon, dies for my QK, Promarker pens, ink pads and my QK hand tool and more dies.

On the bottom shelf I have my layouts that are waiting to movie in to albums to the left. After that comes my 6x6 paper pads and my box of journaling cards. Behind these boxes are my photo storage where I keep photos that doesn't inspire me at the moment. Under the box of journaling cards are two boxes, one with stamped images and one with stamped & colored images for my cardmaking. Then to the right I have three folders with 12x12 papers (two with patterned paper and one with cardstock). Between the folders I have several page protectors filled with scraps. To the right I have bags and page protectors with themed papers such as Christmas and Halloween.

Behind the screen I store my finished greeting cards in that red box. On top of that I have a box with paper flowers the bulky kind, in the black bags I have clear stamps and cardstock scraps. On this shelf I also store my pen palling stuff, my address box and my 12x12 white papers.


In the upper drawer I store mbellishments. Here you find everything from stickers and rub ons to lace and stick pins. Here is also my paper trimmer.


In the bottom drawer I store my chipboard shapes & alphas, zip lock bags, memorabilia,  empty jars and foam stamps.

Here is a look into the green bag on the shelf over the desk. I store my embellishments in glass jars or in the package Ibought them in. The little black bag has clearstamps that I feel inspired by at the moment. The black bag fits in the green bag.

Here is my new bag of goodies! Here are also my new paper copies! Everything new for my next 50 layout challenge! I will soon take it out and incorporate it into my green bag!


Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!
// Åsa


  1. What a great space you have there. I love that you can all be together, I think that is very important and what we do too :)

  2. What a wonderful space I love the large table in front of the windows. My surfaces always get so cluttered.

  3. No wonder you are so productive! Everything is within reach. I love seeing other people's spaces, especially in Europe where I think you have better furniture. Catherine (from Mode Rosette :)