Monday, September 16, 2013

Lovely weekend!

The weekend has been lovely. We have gotten so many things done including some major gardening house cleaning! And...*drum roll*... I have been scrapbooking ! I actually made lots of layouts but I've decided to post one at a time since I'm not sure how much I'll be able to scrap during the week and I really want to post blog posts every day, because it is something that makes me happy during the day!
Today I'm sharing a layout with a photo that is only a couple of weeks old, atken on August 28th. I color coded the keys on my daughter's little keyboard and then I wrote the "code" for a couple of songs she know well - and then I watched her play songs for the first time on her own. It was a  moment of pride for both me and her.
The papers on this layout is from one of my own page kits that I made from scraps and stash the other week. The background is an old Basic Grey paper and it set the color scheme for my other scraps. I added green. Then I went crazy with layering in a diagonal design.
I found my old MM magnetic stamps and stamped the words I, CAN, MELODY, MUSIC, NOTES and PLAY randomly around the block and I added exclamation marks where I thought they added something to the layout and the words.
The brown wood veneers made the diagonal stronger and I chalked all the papers and pieces before gluing them down.
I'm really pleased with the result! I hope you all will have a nice day!