Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three different

Good morning! Today I'm sharing three more layouts from my scrapbooking vacation! The are rather different from eachother and I think it is fun to see that I'm not creating just the same layout over and over again just adding new photos, because it certainly feels that way from time to time. We have actually laughed about it, hubby and I, while I have been unpacking my latest purchases. The colors are all the same (yellow, pink and aqua) and I have totally stuck on cameras and chevron for embellishments - but it is sooo pretty!!!
I wonder what my next obs will be, I know it always comes new products and I will think it is the prettiest in the world! I'm starting to get a bit into the feather icons, geotags and frames. I'd love to get my hands on a stamp of a cup with lid, the kind you get "to go".
First today is a layout with two photos of my son playing with Duplo Lego.

Do you remember my boat trip? These photos were taken when we came back and I tried to capture the feeling of shoreline environment with my camera. The title is an old Swedish expression "captured by stone" that means that you get almost obsessed with something, and I wrote my journaling about how beautiful I think rock can be.  
Sweden was more or less ground down by the latest ice age, our rock surfaces are smooth and flat and in some areas you see very obvious furrows where the ice has almost plown the rock. It gives a very special coast line and I think it is very beautiful!
Here is a sweet photo of my daughter and our kitten Kosmos. I love the color combination pink, sand and white! A while ago when layouts were darker I used to love brown and pink and I think this is the same but more up to date and more summerlike.
Here is the LINK to my first two hauls and the LINK to my third haul! I'm so plesed with all the goodies I bought and I want to share the fun with someone who knows how fun it can be with a box from a scrap shop!
Have a lovely day and thanks for all the sweet comments I got yesterday! It made my day!


  1. Beautiful photos on that second layout, and love that Lego page! The one of your daughter is great also! The line of wood veneers is perfect!

  2. Beautiful layouts, love the variety of page designs and those kitty wood veneers are the perfect touch on the 3rd layout!

  3. Beautiful! I love anything pink (and if there's a cat there... even better) so the third one is definitely my favorite:)

  4. These layouts are great - the Lego one is my favorite. I'm obsessed with those little cork arrows :)

  5. Beautiful Layouts and they are all different. Love the Lego page :)

  6. Great layouts! The Lego one is my favorite too!

  7. Awesome layouts! I love the line of kitty veneers.