Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Going on YouTube or not?

I've been thinking and rethinking it and much to my own surprise I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to take a more active part in the scrapbooking community on YouTube. I love watching videos of my idols scrapbooking and sharing their hauls and it has inspired me greatly. I've also realized that blogging isn't reaching out to the crowd it used to do and the communication is getting harder. Communication is the most important for me, I guess, and for that you need traffic.

Why have I been reluctant? Speaking English. Yes, it is intimidating for me, since English isn't my first language and I'm not used to talking English a lot. There is a huge difference between reading books and watching TV-series in English and talking the language on your own. I'm a very talktive person, it feels very akward to stumble and not find the words when trying to tell a story.

I don't think I'll be making process videos anytime soon but I've been thinking of making some kind of 'scrap vlog'. Share my hauls and my layouts, my thoughts and my experiments. I think that would work. I think that could actually be fun!

A lot of personal growth comes from stepping out of one's so called comfort zone. Perhaps this is mine? Perhaps I can learn something from this, something that will improve me as a person and a scrapbooker. I'll try and we'll see.

When will I start? I don't know. But I will.

Take care!

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