Thursday, August 22, 2013

Haul #6 and new layout!

Good morning!

A while ago I found a really nice deal at a shop called Scrapbooking 4 you. They had small packs of Becky Higgins PL-cards in several different collections and at the time I ordered they had a store wide, 20% off, sale.
This was my last purchase (really, I promise) before I put the loooong freeze on my scrapbooking account.
All 3''x4'' packs (25 cards in each) cost 15 SEK (2.18 US$) and the larger 4''x6''cards (10 cards, from collection This Life) cost 10 SEK (1.45 US$). All in all, with the 20% off and with shipping added I paid 169 SEK (24.58 US$). I think I did a great purchase and got a lot of different cards for that price.
These are the collections I got: This Life, WOW, Today, Sweet, Snapshots, Noted, Love, Hello World, Hello, Happy day, For Real and Awesome


The pile was really nice to flip through and I found lots of nice patterns and sentiments that I will use really soon in my scrapbooking! I love the fact that they are double sided! Perhaps I'll even go PL-style and do a grid layout if I ever remember to order smaller photos.
I even got so inspired I made a layout right away! These cards are from collections Today and Love. The journaling is about hubby and the kids picking me up from work during summer.   
The photos are from the vestibule outside the reception at the Municipality Office of Sundsvall where I work. The large creature is a dragon, the symbol for our city. For many years now companies and organizations have adopted those huge fiberglass cuties and given them designs and artwork representing their own businesses. These dragons are then placed all around town during summer, kids can play with them and there is even a voting contest every year for our favorite dragon. Every summer there are a couple of new ones joining the pack. Some dragons retire from public life and move in with their benefactors, like this one at my work place. If you want to see more of our dragons you can visit these sites: 
The Sundsvall Newspaper reporting on the new dragons for 2013
A selection of the dragons for sale in miniature format
The winner of 2013's best dragon in show
I hope you will have a lovely day! Take care!


  1. what a great layout!! super use of the pl cards

  2. Cool layout! I love to use PL cards on my 12x12 layouts. How cool that you found that assortment of different collections. :)

  3. This looks so pretty with the PL cards tucked around the page!

  4. What a great find, lucky you...and I loved that you used those PL cards for background pp. Very cool!