Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm done!

Good morning!
It's ringing like crazy here at work, seems like people are starting to get back on track after vacations, yet another sign that summer is coming to an end weather we want it or not. We have had the warmest days of the summer this weekend and it sure feels like summer still!
I have taken lots of summer photos during the weekend, you know the kind with kids on the beach, kids in the pool, peppers ripening in many colors and raspberry cup cakes on the porch table. I love photographing and I even had my hubby take a couple of photos of me so that I can prove I've actually been there and done all that too :)
During the weekend I've managed to make 4 layouts! And you know what that means, don't you!?! I've reached my 50 layouts challenge goal!! Wohooo! Happy!
Today I'm showing layouts #48-50. They all have photos that passed the huge photo box cleanout last week and the first two are from 2010 and the third is from 3013.
Here I've cropped the photos heavily because they had so much wall, floor and furniture. The title is an expression we use in Sweden for dancing, something like "a turn around" and I think the chip board arrows were just perfect. I colored them with my brown fluid ink that I use for the paper edges. The flowers are glossy chipboard die cuts that I have got from a penfriend a while back.  
We are art & crafts people here at home, I love paper crafting and hubby is painting gaming miniatures. Our kids grow up with colorful projects going on everywhere and naturally they want to try for themselves. Here Freja is painting one of hubby's models, the paintbrush is as broad as the model but it gives good coverage :)  
This layout became so top heavy I had to do something about it.
I cut off a good piece of the background paper and the layering at the bottom and mounted the whole thing on a pice of white 12''x12'' paper. The result was so much better I had to show you so you can see the difference.
When my daughter saw this layout she said "Mummy, I want to do like that with the papers sticking out from underneath the photo next time I make an album page" Yeah! Of course we can!
And now it's shopping time!! Actually I've already done all the shopping so now I'm waiting for it all to arrive. My first plan was to do yet another round on the 50 layouts challenge but when I summed up all my purchases I was feeling kind of guilty and I needed to be "punished" in some way so I've put a shop stop on myself until after Christmas. Yes. It is true. I'll allow myself to buy adhesive, albums and paper copies, that's all. But I'll be in no pain because I have been shopping a lot! I will show you all of it when it arrives - starting tomorrow!
Take care! Hugs!
// Åsa


  1. Great pages! Nice that your kids are enjoying art themselves.

  2. You got so much done..really like the 2nd page with those arrows.

  3. Wonderful pages! I love all of the arrow action on the first page. Good luck with your spending freeze. :)

  4. Great pages and I love the fix you did with the last one!