Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Home made rubber stamp!

Good morning!
First of all I'd like to thank you all for sharing my worries yesterday when our cat had gone missing. The update goes like this: in the afternoon when we were in the garden we heard him, meowing his usual greetings from the gardens next to ours. He came over and we were sooo happy!  He ate, we played, we cuddled, he ran around the house chasing a toy with Freja and we spent time together in the garden. Then he left. Yes. He left again! If I'd known he would leave again I would never had let him out, ofcourse. But he did. And now he's missing again. This time I'm not in grief like I was yesterday, now I'm more heartbroken. It isn't a nice feeling either but atleast he is alive. I think someone let him in and fed him despite the fact that he has a collar with our telephone number. If he comes home this afternoon I won't let him out... he belongs on my bed at night. Period.
Enough about that. It gives me headache.
A couple of day ago I sat at work browsing for craft supplies at Etsy and I came across so many nice home made stamps. I watched a couple of You Tube videos about stamp carving and I wanted to try it. I had seen somewhere that you could use an eraser for your first attempts. I grabbed an eraser and my scalpel and draw a free hand image of a geotag and started carving. In a minute I had my first stamp and when I tried it I had to laugh out loud. In my eagerness to make my first stamp I hadn't seen that the eraser had an embossed  logo on the side I was using, but it showed really well when I stamped. I made a smaller on the back and that stamped without any embossing :). I noticed it was hard to make a smoth line with the tool I used, the edge of my stamp became a bit rough but I must say I enjoyed it and I really want to try again. But I think I'll need to buy a couple of new erasers first, hubby made a comment about cutting up "the only good eraser in the house" so I guess there aren't any left now, LOL!
I'm longing to go home and hopefully I'll have energy for some scrapbooking this evening. I have lots of creativity wanting to get out.
I hope you will have a nice day! Hugs!


  1. I'm glad your kitty found his way home. Ours is an indoor cat because I just don't want to deal with the worries of having an outdoor cat (had one of those when I was younger). :)

  2. This skill has been one I've been wanting to learn. I may have to check out youtube.

  3. So glad your kitty made it home safe and sound. Love your stamp :)

  4. Oh, stamp carving is great fun! I made a few after picking up some super easy stamp carving materials. I blogged about my first carve here: