Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Journaling cards!

Hello! Today I'm sharing the first scraplift I've done in a very long time! The layout I scraplifted is THIS one from NicoleJones911. I am so proud of the result it has been hard to wait for over a week to show you guys! I hope you like it too! It is super crowded but I think all the embellishments grounded the whole thing in a nice way. There is an appel on the left which is up side down, but I managed to peel it off and stick it down again, they way it should be.

 A few years back before every brand had cards and journaling spots I had a blog where I shared hundreds of home made printable journaling cards. I used some of them myself, actually I think I liked making them more than actually using them, and I was in constant search of the few ones you could buy from the scrapbooking companies. Then something happened and suddenly every brand had their own jornaling stamps, cards and spots and I bought all I could find - even the ones that weren't particularly pretty. So over the recent years I have collected quite a stash of journaling spots and my box of cards has become so crowded I hardly ever go through it.
After making the layout above I thought it would be fun to make a background with cards and ground them the way nicolejones911 had taught me in the video on You Tube. I made two layouts for my cousin's son's album and one for our album and I think it was really fun! I used up alot of really old tags and spots and in a crowd like this even the less fancy ones had a spot to fill.
Thanks for looking! Have a nice day!


  1. Love them all! Such a great background design and so versatile to use on these different pages!

  2. Gorgeous layouts and great use for those tags and journaling spots! Love the doodling you did around the bits of paper and tags!

  3. What a great use for all of those cards! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love how you used all the little paper pieces, especially the one with all those journaling blocks and cards! Great way to use a surplus!

  5. Love all those shapes and sizes of papers and the embellishments definitely ground the papers! Lovely work!!