Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Been shopping and planning more!!!

Hi there!
These days devoted to scrapbooking can be quite expensive... Yesterday (or it was really past midnight so I'll put it on today's account) I placed a huge order on A Cherry on Top and this morning I've already placed another at Creative Mode! The only reason for this total shopping bonanza was that I was watching Irit Landgraf on You Tube the whole day and I really don't know if I've even been so creatively inspired in my whole life before! You need to watch her!

I've seen her around for a long time and I've always loved her scrapbooking layouts, they are vibrant, romantic and beautiful and she is a truly amazing mixed media scrapbooker! But yesterday was the first time I watched her You Tube channel. Oh my goodness, I have been struck by lightening!

The clip that really got me on the bandwaggon was this one:


This will be the first day in the rest of my life - 
Åsa is going Å-some with Mixed Media! 

So I went shopping. I can't really say that this was totally unplanned. I have been curious to try all these before but I have been lacking true knowledge of the posibilities and the truie spark of creativity that Irit Langraf finally provided me with yesterday to start the actual action. 

For my new mixed media life I have ordered some stencils, Gelatos and watercolors. I choose stencils with simple patterns that can be used over and over again, dots, graphs, chevrons and such. I choose three sets of Gelatos, the reds, the blues and the 50's diner. And I ordered the Joanne Palette from Peerless Watercolors. 

Down town there is an artists' shop called Artistica. I have never been there but hubby is a returning customer. I will make him take me there for some additional shopping. I've been on their webshop and made a shoppinglist. I will buy white and transparent gesso, modeling paste and an aqua brush. I found a new CMY colorwheel that I showed hubby and I hope that will help me get a ride there, because he absolutely "needed" it ;)  I'm such a clever girl!

Are you coming with me on this new creative journey? Stay tuned!


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