Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The beach in March

Hello again!
It feels abit like I've been hit by the creativity truck, if you read the previous blog post you'll know why, but I decided to make a layout share before I venture off into scrapland again. It is day two of my "being home for scrapbooking staycation".

Today I'm sharing six layouts from the same morning at the end of March 2014. We had been ill with colds and what not and needed to get out of the house sooo bad. It was a sunny morning and we decided to drive to Alnö, an island just outside Sundsvall where we live. You go there over a beautiful high bridge (yeah, you know I love bridges) and it is truly the Hawaii of mid-Sweden with lovely beaches and sand, sand, sand! I took hundreds of photos and it was such a beautiful day.

This will be the first page from this morning and I have written the name of the beach where we were. For all the layouts I have used mailny two paper pads, Americana from Pebbles Inc and  Anchored by Authentique. With this layout I used my new roller stamp with the "Heart/Like" sentiment which is so NOW! This page also has the journaling for this event. The rest of the pages are mainly photos+title, yeah, be prepared for some multi photo Åsa-craziness!

I'm really pleased with the clusters for this one!

The mason jars on this layout are lovely! I added some roller stamping which was really fun! All layouts in this set has some of that brown ruler washi tape.

This became a bit too dark for my taste but that's OK.
I'm also pleased with these clusters. It is hard to embellish pages that are almost all photos, but all the sand made it possible to steel some space for a couple of goodies.
I needed to cover up that brown/white wash paper a lot since it is such a 4th of July heavy one with text and expressions that had nothing to do with a day at the beach in Sweden. I really love the photos of me from this day. I look so happy, with the kids, the sunshine, the water and the soft drift wood finds in my hands! I love going to the beach!

Now I'm off to the scrapbook table to try out my new Heidi Swapp stencils that I got from Mei Li Paperie the other day! Have  a wonderful day!  



  1. Such a wonderful collection of layouts!

  2. oh i love all your photos and your layouts are simply wonderful!

  3. What great layouts! It's nice seeing standard sized photos being scrapped.

  4. Fantastic layouts, you did a wonderful job with incorporating so many photos on each page!