Friday, June 6, 2014

Mixed media #2

Hello again! 
For a couple of days I've been working with a Mixed Media project for this 2013 photo of my son in his new pirate t-shirt:

I did a Google search on Internet to get some Pirate ideas and decided to make a ship. With many pictures as guides I drew this quick sketch:

Then I cut it out and glued it onto a 12x12 cardstock.

I added 3D paint (Gloss Touch) for some of the details.

I added two grunge board skulls and twine and covered the whole thing with a layer of Gesso. I covered the ship hull with modeling paste and made lines in it to give a wooden texture.
I used Liquitex inks and distress inks to color everything. I added sails made of thin paper, canons made of QK-circles and pirate accessories stamped with stamps from Magnolia. I made the bridge out of woodgrain washi and painted the windows with Glossy Accent. I cut out my son from the photo and made holes by his hand so that he could hold the anchor. I drew a brown marker line around all the edges of the paper.

I gave it all a much more weathered look with some black ink and filled in more of the pink in on the sky to even the evening sky.

It is now in my album and it was so much fun making it!  
Have a nice evening!

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