Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm back!

Good morning! I'm back from vacation and back on the blog! Finally! I've been longing for this moment because I have so much to show and tell you guys! I've had three really lovely weeks and the weather has been perfect! We have had easy times at home as well as some adventures and it's been a great time! I've taken lots of photos and I dare to say some of them are jumping eagerly around on my computer waiting to get on paper and onto my scrapbookig desk!
During the evenings I have been scrapbooking like crazy and it has been so much fun! I'm almost done with my second round on that Facebook challenge (only 10 pages left) and my shoppinglist is looong! I have found so much inspiration from this challenge and I have really made a huge dent in my stash.
I will show you my layouts in the order I made them and today I have three simple layouts with every day photos of the kids and myself. There isn't much to say about them other than I LOVE MY PAPER PENS!! I've used yellow on my first two layouts here and must say it looks just like the enamel dots, the same shine and no metallic or glitter effect. I have three different colors (yellow, green & blue) and I will buy more when my Facebook challenge is completed and I can restock.
I like the washi tape banner on this first layout and I will use the technique soon again! I think it was a nice addition to use the same washi tapes at the opposite corner. I love my small collection of washi tapes! I just wish I could buy all the pretty styles out there! Then my collection wouldn't be small anymore...
I'm still in love with the wood veneers, they are still novelty items to me I haven't had them for very long and I will buy all types I can find when I shop next!! I especially love the potty people but they are all out of stock here in Sweden!
I wanted to try out sequins and I had these old flower ones deep dpwn in a forgotten drawer... I didn't like them... I will have to buy some circular ones and donate these to my daughter.
On this last layout I used some of my stamped and cut out elements and colored them to add some color. I like them and wish I had made a larger variety. 

This was all for today but I have more tomorrow! Take care and keep scrappin'!


  1. Cute pages! Love how you used the speech bubbles!

  2. Great pages!
    I love the washi banner, too!

  3. great layouts, love your use of washi tape on the first two, and the third works well with the shades of grey.