Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello! I've been longing to do some artsy work for a long time especially after seeing all the wonderful mixed media projects that everybody is creating all over the scrapbooking world. I'm not ready for alot of purchases and even though I'm interested in Gesso I think I will have to explore the world of acrylic paint first and see if I have any talent or feel for the stuff at all.  
One evening I gathered my new set of acrylic paints (I bought a set with those small tubes in many different colors a while ago) a large wide paint brush and a pile of white paper. I had no real goal with this exersice other than trying to make backgrounds with the brush stroke effect and colors I like. I think I made nine or ten different backgrounds and it was super fun! I just added more and more different colors to my palette and changed paper when I though I was done. Some papers became mono colored and some got a couple of different ones. I have one of each to show you!
Here are two photos of my kids from this spring and I used some Amy Tangerine elements and small strips of paper on top of this home made background in aqua/green. I'm very pleased with the result!
Here are a couple of photos of my son playing with washitape and stamps. He is so patient and can sit for ever with his small projects! I had fun with some washi and made drops with my blue paper pen.
One of my background papers got a bit more color than the rest and I was about to throw it in the waste basket but then I saw this photo of me and my best friend from my childhood lying on her bed listening to stories or perhaps music on tape recorder. I inked it around the edges with brown to take away the whiteness of the edges of the paper. The fun retro cameras and the flower print worked well with the background and the over 30 year old photo... 

I have more of these papers but I haven't felt the true inspiration to use them just yet but I hope I will. Otherwise I'd like to have one of those painting evenings to try and do even better! It was alot of fun and I could let go of every artsy scare I might have had, because this was just paintbrushing randomly across white inexpensive paper and then going a bit crazy with ink splash. Fun fun fun!
Take care and see you tomorrow!


  1. These are great pages and I love the artistic backgrounds. :)

  2. Great pages, love the last one. Maybe you should let your little one design a page..I can't believe he is so patient and sits so quiety with those products.

  3. Love the layouts, and how you made your own backgrounds! Penny

  4. really pretty variety of backgrounds for your lovely layouts!