Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sorting layouts

Yesterday I made a late night at the crafting table sorting layouts! I think I finished just a couple of minutes before midnight. And finished is totally the wrong word by the way, I managed to get everything together including 2012 and now I have a huge pile of 2013 layouts lying on top of my cabinet waiting to be sorted and the probelm is I have only half an album free so eventhough I "moved into" three brand new albums yesterday I need to buy more.
I always have problems with finding albums ever since they stopped selling "my kind" at the paper store in town. I'm one of the few scrappers in the world who still uses postbound albums and  I want them black and preferably with fabric cover. Yeah, I'm picky! Now I've been searching the iNternet the whole morning and written a couple of e-mails to shops all over Sweden and hopefully I'll find one that can sell me a bunch. If I need to change brand then at least I'd like at least three in the same style, and they still need to be black! This really annoys me. I don't want to spend time on this, it should just work out the way I want it to! I feel like a spoiled kid. Right now I have my eyes on three albums that I could see myself buying:
This is the kind I bought this last time and moved in to yesterday:
I'll try and get my hands on more of that kind, but I suspect it is an older style and they might be out of production. When I got them the packaging was really dusty :)
Anyway, it was lovely to sort out the layouts from 2012 and put them in chronoloical order. It looked really nice when I flipped through the albums and I'm so proud of my work and our photos, and especially of the story they tell about our family.
Here are some more layouts, the first two I made during my vacation and the other two I made last weekend. First is a photo from 2012 of my daughter. She got a Tinkerbelle dress for her birthday and she still loves it. I dug up some old grungeboard wings, painted them and added glitter.
This photo is from 2008! My daughter is 11 weeks old and I think the photo is just super cute! I don't know why it has taken me until now to scrap it, but it was one of my finds in my photo box when I went through it in search for oldies that might spark some creativity. I managed to get a huge order of paper copies out the other day and it will be waiting for me when I have finished the 50 layouts with this stash I'm working with now. Can you see the dress on the little wood veneer girl? I thought it was a cute addition.
These are more recent photos. My kids help their father building a large growing box for our two new rhubarb plants. 
The photo of this layout isn't the best, I should have taken it in day light but I seem to have taken it during the evening. Anyway, it is me and my kids on our way to day care in the morning one rainy day. The title says "We have color eventhough the day is grey". Under and on top of the photo I've added transparent stickers that look like water splashes. They have been in my stash for ever and now was a nice opportunity to actually use them instead of just collecting them for another rainy day  ;) 
 These are layouts #39-42 of my second round of the Facebook challenge "50 projects before shopping".
Have a nice day! See you  tomorrow!


  1. You always get so many layouts done! I love the sweet fairy page!

  2. All of the layouts are nice but the fairy page is my fave! Great job!

  3. Love your layouts, such happy colors and wonderful photos!

  4. Beautiful pages! I LOVE your flying creative!!!