Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haul #4

Good morning!
A package a day keeps boredom away!  Hubby was a sweetheart and got my package for me after dinner yesterday! It was a pretty small package from Pysseltagen but I paid a rather hefty price because of one item - actually the item which was the reason I ordered from this shop. Pysseltagen is a shop I keep coming back to. They have a special selection of goodies that I can't find elsewhere, especially tools and organization stuff. 
Lets begin with the main item, I couldn't help myself! I just needed to own this darling! Magnolia had a tny version of this one but I decided I wanted the large one, eventhough it was expensive. The risk is that I will need the small one as well...
I ordered these sticky notes from Teresa Collins, I'll love to use them for layering. The paper pens from Viva Decor was on sale so I for less than half the original price so I bought the colors "sand" and "graphite".
At the paper department I found three sheets that I will cut apart. Two of them are from Teresa Collins Memorabilia collection and will match the yellow/aqua sticky notes above. The third paper is from 7 Dots Studio. 
I bought more bottles of the kind I use for my home made crylic paint splashes, I want to make new splashes in white and black since the lids of the jars they were in decided  to get permanently stuck, and then I mean r-e-a-l-l-y stuck. I also bought 50 white envelopes for the Christmas cards. You need to be prepared for the holiday season!
I have two more packages coming in, one with that 30% sale order (still don't know how much of it I'll actually get) and one with PL cards. I have no plans to start Project Life but I like the cards for layering in my scrapbooking and I found a shop that sells Becky Higgins' collections in small packs (10-25 cards per package) and when they had a 20% sale during my shopping spree I couldn't resist and ordered from a couple of different Becky Higgins' collections.
Take care and see you soon!
// Åsa