Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen project

Good morning!
Today I'll be sharing three recipe cards with you for our recipe albums. I know I've written about it in the blog before but it was a while ago. I'm very interested in cooking and baking and for the last 8 years or so I have been photographing new food and pastries we've made in the kitchen (and enjoyed)and made recipe cards. The cards are stored in page protectors in binders. The size is A5 which is half the European standars size A4, almost like half letter size. I have four full binders with these cards and we use them a lot!
About one and a half year ago I changed my diet radically and after that I haven't done as much baking as I used to and I don't try new recipes like I used to either. Food isn't as important in my life as it was before but I still love cooking; I studied many years of university chemistry in the 90's and I think cooking & baking brings back the joy of mixing and pouring :)
My recipe project uses up my scraps and papers that I really don't know why I bought. I try not to put too much effort or cost into these pages since they the focus should be on the photo and the recipe. There are not much space left after I've added that and a title so I can mix and match background papers  rather wildly.
These four pages were all made during my vacation and they are all according to my new diet.
Saffron biscotti
Chicken casserole with mushrooms & bacon

 Almond & butter balls
Mushroom soup 
 In case you are getting curious about my diet; I eat low carb, almost no carbs at all. No sugar, no fruit, no underground grown vegetables and no grain, in fact I try to avoid anything with more than 5% carbohydrates. Instead I'm eating more fat. This has helped me greatly with my digestion and I have reduced all my skin problems which I've had since I was a teenager. I have no hunger issues or cravings, I never get tired after eating and I never get mood swings if it was long since I ate. It isn't fun nor easy to change this much - but I feel great!
Tomorrow I have some new 12''x12'' layouts to show you! Take care and have a nice day!


  1. This is great! I love how you took photos of each thing as well. I too felt SO much better when reducing carbs (though I just got rid of grains, mostly - still eat sweet potatoes and fruit).

  2. Great pages. I did a recipe album swap was a lot of fun and I got some awesome recipes/pages.

  3. I love making recipe pages! I think altogether I made probably 4 or more cookbooks, many of them in swaps! Love Penny

  4. Lovely! I have documented a couple recipes in my everyday scrapbook, but have been thinking about a recipe album like yours too. Seems like a fun project.

  5. Love your layouts. By the way your recipes look very good! :)