Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diesel Grand

Good morning!
Today the layouts actualy have something in common, the titles are all QK Diesel Grand. I have two Grand alphas but this is my favorite because it is clean. Sometimes I wish I had a digital die cutting machine but then again no. It is an awful lot of money and my plain QK alphas that I already have goes a long way. Perhaps in the future...
The first layout today is with photos from the trampoline. I went crazy with the layering and used every tiny sliver of paper. I'm really happy about my huge jar or embroidery floss, I use it all the time and it is totally the best storage solution for me.
Next is a photo of Kostmos, the cat. The journaling tells about him as a kitten when we were totally unable to sit by the computer if he was awake. There he sat, chasing the arrow on the screen, hitting at everything moving. It is slightly better now when he is almost a year old, now he just sit infront of you, stare, purr and want to head bump or simply he throws himself on the keyboard for you to pet him.
This layout is one of those projects that refuse to come together at first and then you keep adding things and finally get to that point when it has to be finished and it looks like a big mess, but it will have to do. I think the blue cards saved the whole thing - and the cute cat photo!
This is a layot for my Book of Me. It was kind of painful but also hillarious when I realized I fit the description of a hipster spot on. But I can take that, I'm a woman of my genes, my generation and my history and our time. If that's what you put in - this is what you get :)
This is a silly photo of my daughter. Yeah, indeed silly.   :)
I hope you will have a really nice day!


  1. Fabulous pages! Love how you used the washi tape on the second one!

  2. Aw, I especially love the kitty one :) I always wanted the QK Diesel alpha, but never did get that one added to my collection

  3. Fantastic layouts! I really love that font. I have a digital die cutter and wish that I had purchased this font years ago because I hate to drag out the machine just for one little title. Be happy you have it! :)

  4. These are all great layouts, you little one is so cute and so is your kitty. Diesel is one of my fav alpha dies and I have an e-cutter. I have yet to find a font that is close to Diesel...so I still use my physical dies.

  5. what great memories you captured.. I LOVE that last layout and am still giggling at the nappy on the head :)

  6. That is such a great alphabet, I love the big bold letters. All of these are so great but the one of Kostmos is my favourite because he is so cute!