Monday, April 7, 2014

Four new layouts

Today I'm sharing four layouts. Yeah, I'm speeding up the process, I want to share more current work but I don't want to miss any old ones. These are not super old but still not exactly from last week :).
First is my wonderful daughter on Christmas Eve. The journaling is about her chin that got all bruised and blue just a couple of days before Christmas when she fell and hit the floor while playing with her brother.
Oh, you thought I was all done with the boat trip photos? No no no :) not yet! This one became a bit bulky but I thought it was fun to use those metal charms; I like to buy them, they are so pretty, but I seldom use them.
I found this little fellow during one of my many walks to photograph the building progress of our new bridge. I think it was both beautiful and at the same time a bit silly, I spelled LOL in the speech bubble, perhaps it is laughing :).
 Last is a series of photos of my son watching the cat, Kosmos, drink.
I made two layouts during the weekend and used some of my wonderful die cut bits and pieces from my last orders and it was so much fun! I have mixed them all in a bowl and it is sooo nice to search through them all!
Have a lovely new week!


  1. wow you have been super busy!
    your layouts are awesome

  2. These are all wonderful! I am impressed at the rate you are able to complete your layouts. Well done!

  3. I love how you included the little metal charms! And that you did a layout on a seagull. I love looking at photos of animals (that aren't my dog). I'm going to have to start scrapbooking them :)

  4. Wonderful pages! The first is my fave with all the doilies and sparkly snowflakes!

  5. Those are all really great! Love the chevrons on the bottom right of that 2nd lo, fun design!!

  6. Wow you've been busy, great layouts!

  7. Fantastic layouts, looks like you've been busy so that you can dig into the new goodies you got! :)