Thursday, April 24, 2014

Haul from PY Hobby

Good morning! 
Yesterday I got to pick up a box at DHL and in it was my tape haul from PY Hobby. I did some research before ordering there because I really wanted a good deal on the double sided tape since I use it alot. I compared the prices for ordering directly from Asia on Ebay but I really needed the tape right away so I decided ordering from Sweden and PY Hobby had the best price, no other store came even close. I paid 15 SEK (US$ 2.16) for three rolls of the 5 mm tape and 19 SEK (US$ 2.73) for three rolls of the 8 mm tape. And I bought three sets of each. They will last me a while, I love that!

This shop isn't one I go to to buy embellishments or papers. They really don't have anything that I like, their style is more to the vintage style and cute card making and I have tried that and it isn't my thing eventhough I can admire the work some people do within those styles. 

They did have some afordable washi tapes. I paid 12-19 SEK each for these rolls and that's OK.
My collection of washi is growing and I'll soon reach the cross roads where I need to decide how to store them in the future. Up til now I have them on two loops of heavy string, but that will only work for a rather small number of rolls and I don't see myself getting enough any time soon... 

I'll be back in a minute with a layout share!

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