Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Three more pages

Good morning!
I continue showing three layouts in each blog post but I'm quickly runing out of layout photos so when Easter comes I hope I'll have time for more scrapbooking so that I can post layouts next week too :) Blogging has been a real inspiration for me, it is a bit like writing and editing your own magazine and it is fun to browse thought "the magazine" and feel pleased with what I have acomplished and documented.
These layouts are from last week when I was home taking care of my soar throat.
First is a photo of my daughter and I. I increased the contrast value and made it black/white before printing - I like that style, especially for portraits. The black/white allows me to go crazy with color, so I did just that :) The title says "You are my mammoth" and I've used a Maggie Holmes paper, cut off the edges and matted it on a white paper. I added the thin washi I bought from Hong Kong and I like the color effect.
I made a grid with papers from the BG Knee High series om black cardstock and added my daughter in her new Belle-dress. I got the butterfly stickers from my daughter for my birthday.
No, I have not been to the US :) but I love the stars and the stripes, especially for marine photos, and I got myself a paper pad with Americana patterns which I thought looked really nice. I will use them for my summer layouts from the coast.
I hope you'll have a very nice day! Hugs!


  1. Such fabulous pages. The grid on the black frame is my favorite!

  2. Great layouts, especially love the second one, the grid is striking with the black paper!

  3. I have tried a couple different ways to adhere those camera clips to my pages, but have been unhappy with them all.... how did you do yours? Curious is there is another method I need to try.