Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some odd layouts

Today I'm sharing four random layouts with nothing incommon really. First is a selfie of hubby and I in the sofa infront of the TV one Friday evening.  The photo of the layout is a bit blurry so it's hard to see what is on the small tags, but it is the many TV-shows that we enjoy watching right now. The layout is meant to be kind of a time capsule so that we can look back in many years and remember the many fun shows we watched back in 2014. I love crime/police TV-series and sci-fi!

Here is my son bathing in a plastic container in the shower. I love the colored wood veneers, I colored them with my ProMarkers.
This is the most fun photo of last year! The kids went to an amusement park in Junsele with their grandparents and there they had one of those screens where you stick out your head and become a part of a fun scene on the other side. We have laughed so hard at this photo so may times already and I'm so happy to have it in our album!
Here is my son on the kitchen counter, again. I was home with him a couple of days when he had a cold and he was allowed to sit there and have pancakes while I made them. Needles to say he wants to do that again, but some things you only get to do that when you're ill.
 I hope the sun is shining on you today! Tomorrow it's Friday again!

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