Tuesday, May 21, 2013

36 layouts out of 50

Hi again!
Just a quick note; I have now made 36 layouts for the 50 layouts challenge at Facebook! I still have papers to go along way over 50, perhaps I will treat myself to a small deco order when I've reached 50 and then continue to 100? I do need to buy a couple of new albums - but that won't count!

I'm thinking of buying a couple of Paper Pens from Viva instead of buying enamel dots, perhaps that is my treat?

Take care!
// Åsa

PS Can someone in an English speaking country tell me if my name show up properly on the screen? There should be an "A with a small ring above", then an "s" and last an "a".


  1. Ooh, well done for getting so many layouts completed, and yes I think you deserve a treat by shopping a bit when you reach 50!

    Your name shows up correctly, though the ring above the A is so tiny I can barely see it - it looks more like a dot. x

  2. Wow 36 layouts, that's awesome :)

  3. You go girl!! When you reach 50 you definitely deserve a treat!