Thursday, May 30, 2013

Multi photos - again!

Good morning fellow scrappers!
I made two layouts yesterday. First I really wanted to do that layout with the photos I prepared the previous night. I wanted the photo block on an angle and I added wood grain print and some retro number print at the same angle. I filled in the empty spots with a wonderful green/yellow polka dot and since I had more of that paper I made circles with a punch and placed them across a loose diagonal over the page. Then I started having problems. I wanted to ad the photo of me and my son but I had a hard time getting balance. I matted the photo with that same green polka dot and it didn't do it. I took away the photo and I put it back. Then I finally took out my pen and ruler and drew some lines. That made alot of difference. The titel is Swedish for "mischief" and I cut it with my QK Diesel CC and added it on foam tape for some extra dimension since I needed to ad some extra weight to the bottom of the page.

Then I took out this set of snow photos of the kids and the red paper. I decided I wanted a strip of different patterned paper at the bottom and I took out that lovely green retro camera print paper that I've been using before but since it had that retro look with cream instead of white it looked really misplaced with the white snow. So I ended up tearing it off and I went on a hunt for something that could replace it. I had some memories of a striped paper that I stored with the Christmas papers but I couldn't find it. But I didn't give up and then I found this diagonal stripe in a collection with Little Boy theme and I stamped it with my stamps from Simple Stories. I added some chevron washi and a bold title with my QK Diesel CC 

Just like the night before I didn't want to go to bed so I took out yet another set of papers and photos. This time it was two winter photos. I lined them up to form kind of a false panorama picture, I used the fence in the background as my common mark for the two photos. I had already choosen the two different text print papers and I added the lace to make the block larger. Brick washi tape and a chipboard house colored with olive green fluid chalk. I will add more embellishment to the washi areas and a title this evening. This will be my 46th layout for the Facebook challenge. I'm getting close to 50!

Have a nice day!
// Åsa


  1. The tilted photos are a great design feature on that first page. Love the fun word bubbles on the second one too.

  2. Great pages! I especially like the tilt of photos on the first one.

  3. Wonderful layouts! Great pictures too!

  4. These are great! Love the circles and how the photos are slanted on that first one! Great work! :)