Monday, May 6, 2013

Roll a Die!

Hello scrapbook lovers!
Here is a list that I've been planning to make for quite some time now. It works like this:

  • Roll a dice 
  • Count the dots 
  • Consult to the list
  • That's your challenge
  • Be inspired
  • Create! 

In case you haven't got a 100-sided die lying around you can use the random numer generator to the right. Just push the button and it will give you a number between 1 and 100.

1. Mono color
2. Daily routine, the normal of now
3. Mecanical, steampunk, masculine
4. Many photos
5. Hand drawn lines
6. Use something really old from your stash
7. Use die cut papers
8. Stamp a backgroound
9. Use something very new from your stash
10. Use a sketchfrom Once upon a Sketch
11. Childhood
12. Circles
13. Spray away!
14. Make the journaling something extra
15. Mask, stencil
16. Scraplift a layout from the Two Peas in a Bucket gallery
17. I'm blessed
18. Be multi colored
19. Acrylic paint
20. Vacation, travel
21. Bring out your foam stamps
22. Party/birthday
23. Stripes, borders
24. About you
25. One photo
26. Buttons, brads
27. Squares, blocks, window, door, envelope
28. Maps
29. Use a really old photo
30. Scraplift a layout from the Studio Calico gallery
31. Make a wish
32. Water, splashes, droplets, oceans, rivers, marine and/or seaside
33. Icons, symbols
34. Christmas, New Years, Halloween, Midsummer, Easter or any holiday
35. Paper flowers
36. Glitter, bling
37. Triangles
38. Hearts, xoxo, hugs, kisses, I {heart} you,
39. Two photos
40. Vehicle(s)
41. Washi tape
42. Stars, the moon, space, aliens, rockets
43. Punches
44. Make an interview
45. Make the date matter
46. Embossing
47. Monogram
48. Alpha stamps
49. Numbers
50. Text stamps
51. Stick pins
52. Animal(s)
53. Fabric, lace or yarn
54. My favorite food/music/TV-shows/movies/places/etc.
55. Ovals, eggs
56. Fire, heat, sunshine, hot, rays
57. Three photos
58. Coldness, winter, ice, snow
59. Make a list
60. Rainbows
61. Dark
62. Without a photo
63. Black & white photo(s)
64. Kraft
65. Hexagons
66. Journaling cards
67. Ledger, office
68. Ribbons
69. Food and beverages
70. Chevron
71. Wind, air, clouds, baloons 
72. Leaves, trees and greens
73.Stamp with acrylic paint and something that isn't a stamp
74. Photo(s) of you
75. Poem, prayer, saying, quote
76. At home, our home
77. Wood
78. Add memorabilia
79. Tags, tabs, labels
80. Scrap a place
81. Cameras, film,
82. Photo(s) without people
83.The month, the day of the week, the year
84. Dots, rhinestones, pearls, points and such
85. Stickers
86. Make a different photo crop
87. Vintage
88. Clocks, time
89. Portrait
90. Metal
91. Arrows, pointing hands,
92. Ephemera
93. Border punch
94. Sew
95.Whimsical, doodling, hand drawn, swirls
96. Top 5 list
97. Romantic, lace, doilies
98. Pale
99. Flags, banners
100. Let music inspire you

It doesn't matter if you follow your challenge or not, the idea is to give you the opportunity to create,  kick start your creativity and choose from the multitude of stuff you have. Perhaps your first thought will be "but I don't want to do that" - great, then you're one step closer to what you really want to do today!

Good luck!
// Åsa

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