Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Not much empty space!

Good morning!
Yesterday evening I got stuck with my nose in a web shop and eventhough I had plenty of free time I just made two layouts.

The first one is yet another of my multi-photo layouts. These photos were taken last summer when we visited my mother who lives in southern Sweden. We went on a stroll in the woods and picked wild strawberries. I used a green cardstock as my foundation for this page and very little of it shows up since I used some of my scraps for layering and another piece of paper inbetween the rows of photos. I realized I really don't use up much of my scraps when I have lots of photos, there isn't really any room for paper! But when I ordered paper copies this time I didn't order multiple photos from every occasion so I won't be making alot of these multi-photo layouts in the near future. That will make room for both more papers and more embellishments, I'm looking forward to that. I will start using those new paper copies when I start with my new papers. Everything will be new and fresh and I will probably stay up all night for a week... at least!

My second layout is with three really bad photos from my daughters birthday morning. I wanted to scrap them but I wish I had made them black/white. Anyway I'm quite pleased with the color scheme together with these photos and I had no problem mixing red with the pink and purple, I'm wild & crazy that way :)


I'll never admit to what time it was when I had gotten this far in my scrapping... But somehow I thought it was a good idea to start looking at yet another set of paper & photos. I choose this set with a bunch of photos of my son and one photo of us together. I cropped the photos to get rid of some of the white wall behind and to be able to fit the four photos of my son on a 12'' row. Then I taped them together like I usually do and then I decided it was time for bed, but I took this photo for the blog before I packed it all up and now I'm just so inspired to continue working with it and actually keep the photos at an angle for a change! Ain't I just the adventurous kind!?!

Now I'm trying to get my steam up for a two hour lunch break when I will raid the town's children clothes shops in search for summer clothes for the kids. My shopping list is looooong! I hope you'll have a wonderful day! Hugs!



  1. great way to get a lot of photos on your layouts - i always have trouble with that myself!

  2. I love that you're wild and crazy! I agree the colour scheme is perfect for those photo's!!

    GREAT LO's both of them!

  3. I really struggle with multi picture layouts and I love what you have done especially the first one. I look forward to seeing how the one with your son's photos turns out.