Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas scrapbooking gifts

Good Monday!
Guess who forgot the phone at home?!? Yeah, me. So there will be no layouts on show here today and I've been looking forward to blogging the whole weekend. Needless to say, the morning was a total chaos with the soon 6-years old daughter refusing to get dressed for day care...  It was -13 degrees Celsius  (9 Fahrenheit) ouside and she wanted to dress like it was summer, hot and sunny. Yeah, you've been there.

Weekend has been very productive. I got my most recent photos on paper copies last week and I had a couple of hours by my scrapbooking desk on Sunday when the kids were at their granparents'. That was a nice combination and I finished a double page from my daughters dance recital in December, another dance layout, two layouts from Christmas Eve and a photo collage from Boxing Day.

But, no mobile phone - no layouts in the blog. So, on my way to work I started brainstorming what I would blog about instead. Christmas gifts ofcourse! Did you get any Christmas gifts for your scrapbooking? I did!! On Christmas Eve this big boy moved into my cabinet! It is a Fiskars Rotary Trimmer. We haven't become the best of friends just yet, we're still getting to know eachother but I hope this will become a long and successful rellationship!

I got him from hubby together with a cardstock package which was really useful.

From my in-laws I got a collection of ink pads, a large black Memento a couple of small Versa Color ones in pretty colors.

Come back tomorrow for some new layouts! Have a nice week!

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